Monday, July 23, 2012

Advanced Hermeneutics

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain beat against the tall north windows. A flash of lightning would have shown a figure stealthily tiptoeing down the stairs if there had been anyone there to see it. A shot would have rung out if it hadn't coincided with the crack of lightning that hit close to the house. In the morning a rat was found dead at the foot of the stairs, a bullet through its brain. The cat wouldn't even touch it, just sat nearby licking its haunches. When the detective arrived he immediately suspected Replacement Theology and called for the guests to gather in the parlor.
Don't ask.

[No, I was certainly not making any comparisons between The Harbinger and my goofy murder mystery. Just a moment of silly whimsy born of discouragement about the kind of thinking the Harbinger is up against.]


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Ha! That's clever. Not sure what it's saying PRECISELY, but it's clever nonetheless.

What I DO understand, however, is that "Replacement Theology" is hokum.

And I do hope that after you have read the David James rebuttal to 'The Harbinger' that you will post a review/analysis of it here on your blog. I won't be reading his book but I'd still like to get your opinion of it.


~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Faith aka Connie said...

I dunno what it means either, Stephen, mostly that this whole thing is sort of goofy I suppose.

I'll probably post on the book eventually.

Thanks for your comment.

Unknown said...


Just wanted to let you know that the book is now available on The Berean Call website. It will be available on soon in print - with the Kindle version being done around August 17.

If you happen to read my book, my hope is that you will see that I really do "get it" when it comes to The Harbinger's overall message.

I also hope you will see that even if we end up disagreeing, that my heart is to help people understand biblical truth. I have read several of your articles, and it seems to me that we agree on many matters of concern.

You can find my most recent article letting The Alliance for Biblical Integrity readers know of the book's release.