Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Day!

This is the day we celebrate the central event of Christianity, the day the Lord Jesus rose from the grave having defeated death and the devil, and forged a way for us to follow.

  I don't think there should be a huge problem if you want to call it Easter, if the main celebration [I think I meant by this phrase the most visible cultural expression] uses some paganisms like eggs and bunnies to symbolize new life, at least the whole world knows SOMETHING happened on this day even if they have no clue what. Hardly anybody has even heard of the pagan holiday anyway, they know not what the whole thing is about, either pagan or Christian. Now and then, however, some will learn -- and believe -- that this is the day that the Lord of Glory won eternal life for those who believe in Him, victory over death, by paying with His own death for our sins against God. O happy day!

Thanks to happening to hear part of a sermon on the radio yesterday by Peter Masters, the current preacher at Spurgeon's Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, I feel especially fond of the Body of Christ today. The part I heard was about how there are so few genuine believers left in the UK, how the Anglican Church is apostate, and the Methodist and others, and yet there is always a remnant of true believers even in those congregations. They shouldn't be there under false teaching, but some are, and there are others elsewhere, but such a small number. That's certainly the case in the US as well. Somehow his emphasizing our small number made me love us more.

I salute you, Holy Remnant of God, brothers and sisters in Christ, and every day I'm more and more eager for us to be together with Him.

  Come Soon, Lord Jesus!