Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama declares himself Pope of the US and the End Times keep rollin along

The Pope's peace doves were summarily routed in front of a great crowd of witnesses, most of whom probably just rationalized it away, but I can always hope some were jolted awake by it.

Now we have Obama as good as declaring himself Pope of the United States so that he can take to himself the power to enact his own will no matter what the people want or the Congress wants.  This was a Yahoo headline yesterday:   Obama Vows to Flex Presidential Powers.   Except of course they aren't Presidential powers, they're usurped powers.   I guess we can hope there will be some against him who have enough spine to interfere with his power grab, but can we hope much?

Fox News as it often does has the best insight into all this although I hate to agree with such a Catholic organization as Fox News. And today they are quoting a Law Professor at Jesuit Georgetown University, and I tremble to have to agree with him, but he makes a good case against Obama's usurpation of power. Jesuits play all sides of every issue, however, but sometimes there are good Jesuits who just need to have their eyes opened. I hope that for him and for the Catholics at Fox News.
Has President Obama OVERSTEPPED his Constitutional authority?  

Conclusion The President has a personal obligation to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”44 The word “faithfully” is, perhaps, a broad grant of discretion, but it is also a real and important constraint. The President cannot suspend laws altogether. He cannot favor unenacted bills over duly enacted laws. And he cannot discriminate on the basis of politics in his execution of the laws. The President has crossed all three of these lines.
The paragraph is unfortunately a tad Jesuitical in saying that the word "faithfully" grants any discretion whatever rather than underscoring the obvious meaning that he's bound to conscientious effort to execute the law. Only to be expected I suppose. Depressing though in an otherwise good analysis.

Then I found it interesting to read that Rolling Stone approves of this Pope: Pope Francis on Rolling Stone cover which ought to go a long way to taming him for atheists and gays and all others who hate Christianity. Which I'm sure is the whole aim of his service as Antichrist and surrogate of the ancient Roman pagan pontiff (that WAS the title of the pagan high priest of Rome, it's certainly not a Christian title).