Sunday, January 29, 2017

Even the healthiest political policies can't overcome the rotten core of false religion underlying American government.

Overall I'm very happy about Trump's win and now about his first week issuing executive orders that make good on his campaign promises.  I hope God continues to bless us with sane political policies, and continues to hear our prayers for Trump's protection and success.

Nevertheless my happiness is rather heavily dampened by the persistence of the Liberal Leftist Globalists and the biased media that seek to bring down this sane development in our political life.  Trump may be able to do good things in spite of it, but it makes for a heavy weight on his efforts.

There is still the overarching dangerous fact that idolatrous religion characterizes the uppermost levels of the nation, as the dollop of poison in the otherwise health-giving potion.  The prayer meetings that always attend an inauguration event were as usual "interfaith" and ecumenical, meaning they include false religions that offend God.  A couple of evangelical leaders prayed for the President at the inauguration itself, but sad to say they were accompanied by a rabbi, whose prayer was quite nice and pro-America, but can't help but be negated by his Christ-rejecting religion.  Islam, Judaism, Roman Catholicism and other false religions are welcomed into the National Cathedral and allowed to represent the nation on an equal footing with Christianity.  This is blasphemy and can only work to undermine any good any governmental administration can do.

Chris Pinto reports that the Imam prayed from a portion of the Koran that advocates the doing away with Christians and Jews. 

How long will God bless a nation that rejects Him in these ways?  Can the Christians involved really think their presence in such a context should suffice to please God?  The God who punished ancient Israel for their observances of the heathen religions along with their own?  No, the Christians who participated should instead have protested.  Franklin Graham should not lend his presence to such a God-dishonoring menage.

How long can the current blessings last under such circumstances?

Could this rotten platform under the nation be fixed?  We've been laboring under false religion for decades, does anyone dare touch it?  Do we have to stand back and watch the nation go under even while we have the most hopeful political agenda we've had in all those same decades?  Go under to Sharia Law perhaps?  The mere presence of an Imam in an American religious service brings us under God's judgment and gives Islam a foot in the door, or a whole leg by now.  Quite similar really to how Satan won the right to rule humanity back in Eden.  What could be done?  Christians need the courage to boycott ecumenical prayer for the nation for starters.  Organize Christian prayer meetings.