Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump pretty much has the nomination now. But I'm not really happy about it.

For a campaign season that started out looking pretty good with all those good conservatives running for President, it's sure come down to a very strange bust. Although I've defended Trump here, in the end I don't like him. His crude style, his immoral life, all add up to a bad Presidential image even if I like some of his policy statements.

His last competitor, Ted Cruz, just dropped out today and that leaves Trump as the lone Republican contender. If I can't bring myself to vote for him I'll be giving it up to Hillary. But I have no idea if I represent any other voters at this point. Trump could win considering the great groundswell of support he's had all along.

I wish this whole season could just be erased and completely new and worthy Republicans, or one at least, would suddenly appear from nowhere and outshine Trump at the last minute. Prayer would be better than wishing of course.