Sunday, April 7, 2013

A tribute to Dave Hunt 1926-2013

Chris Pinto does a nice  tribute to Dave Hunt,  who died on Friday the 5th.  He includes excerpts from a lengthy interview of Dave he did many years ago.

Dave was the founder of the Berean Call, and wrote many books I read as a new Christian over twenty years ago, most of them on the New Age, the cults and occultic religions and their impact on America over the last decades, also particularly his expose of the Roman Catholic Church, A Woman Rides the Beast

Another Comment on my post about the "Heaven" experiences

UPDATE:  October 26, 2013:

Listening to parts of the Strange Fire Conference I missed the first time around I just heard Justin Peters on the Word-Faith Movement and somewhere toward the middle of his talk he mentions visits to Heaven, including the stories of Colton Burpo and Alex Malarkey. He says he and Phil Johnson spoke with Beth Malarkey who told them the story about her son is not true. So Peters says the stories are simply false, made up, lies.

Even after such a long time my main post on the experiences of visits to "heaven" continues to accumulate hostile comments.  Today I received one from "wingedlion" who accuses me of being a satanic infiltrator since my views don't "build faith" but destroy it. 

Well, I have to say I WANT to destroy "faith" in experiences of this sort.  Our faith is to be in what God tells us in His word, not in our experiences.  Experiences that contradict the Bible, and so far ALL those I've read about do, are only going to lead people into deeper deception. 

It's one of the signs of the times that we are in the very last of the last days that this sort of phenomena has been increasing, which is apparent just in the number of books that have come out about such experiences, and even in the number of comments I've been getting to this topic.  It's all of a piece with the increase in apparitions of "Mary" over the last century or so.  Apparently we're only too gullible when it comes to anything "supernatural."

Here's today's exchange:

Having died, and been brought back to life myself, I will have to agree with the Burpo's. I am somewhat concerned about makeing demons more powerful then God though, I believe this is the work of a Satanist infiltrtor, and not a "concerned Christian". This is a faith destroyer, not a faith builder.

Hello Wingedlion,
Did God allow Satan to deceive our first parents?  Has He allowed him to deceive countless millions across the world and down the millennia who are enslaved to false religions?  If so, why wouldn't He allow demons to deceive us still if we believe things contrary to the Bible?  What sort of "faith" is it that is built on false experiences?

I can't judge your experience since you don't describe it, but the Burpo boy brought back descriptions of supposed occurrences in "heaven" that contradict the Bible.  I cover this more in a more recent post on this subject than I do in this one. 

Christians CAN be deceived and "supernatural" experiences are apparently an all-too-easy way for the devil to accomplish this these days.