Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinto on Barton, Beck, Treaty of Tripoli, Second Amendment, Rome and the Jesuits and so on

I interrupt my ongoing battles concerning the Harbinger and its critics to mention that Chris Pinto has been doing a lot of good stuff on his radio show over the last couple of weeks -- you can start as far back as August 6th at least but if you go back into July he's also discussed the Second Amendment and the Treaty of Tripoli.

He's been covering the David Barton controversies over the religious beliefs of America's founders -- apparently Barton's bad scholarship has been challenged by some Christian pastors and his publisher Thomas Nelson was forced to drop the book.

Barton is now pretty firmly established as a friend of Glenn Beck to such an extent that he is lending credibility to the false antichrist religion of Mormonism.

Pinto has also been keeping tabs on the history of Romanism and the devious tactics of the Jesuits.

We need a new Protestant Reformation.