Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog changes: Bible versions getting its own blog

This is my "flagship" blog as it were, and it's collected material on many different subjects. That's fine until a topic starts threatening to take over the whole blog. I already started a separate blog for 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 on the woman's head covering because there's so much I'd like to gather in one place on that subject. I'm glad I did that because it keeps things a lot neater around here.

Now I'm thinking I really need to do the same for the Bible versions topic. By now I have some forty or fifty posts on that topic, however, so moving all that is not going to be an easy task. Maybe I won't move all of it but I'm going to start moving some and see how far I get.

My blogs have never been models of neatness and easy travel from one place to another and it's probably going to get a bit worse as I attempt this new project, with links here and there that don't go where they should and that sort of thing.

When I started all this I had in mind collecting links to blogs by many others on the same subjects, too, but that proved to be beyond me partly because it involves me in even more organizational problems, not to mention discussions over differences of opinion that I'm already having trouble keeping up with. I still hope to get to that.

Anyway, this is just to say a new blog about the Bible versions is my next project, and much of what is here I hope to transfer there.

Here's the new blog, The Great Bible Hoax.

SECOND THOUGHTS: I may be doing much less transferring than I expected to do, and mostly just linking back here, while I go on to post new information there.