Sunday, November 20, 2016

Some random rambles on the meaning of the Trump election and what we're up against

{Update:  I've changed some things in this post since I originally wrote it.  About waterboarding and about the Hamilton cast booing Pence.}

Fox News has this article on Sanctuary Cities.  Those are American cities that have committed themselves to protecting illegal aliens against our immigration laws and enforcers.  Ain't that sweet?  How on earth did things get to the point that our own "public servants," the mayors of these cities, are willing to trash our laws in favor of protecting non-Americans against Americans?  They plan to fight Trump's intention of deporting the criminals among them. 

That includes Muslims too of course.  Trump wants to vet them before admitting them into the country though such a commonsensical policy is treated by the Left as some kind of moral outrage.  Do they just not understand the intentions of Islam, or do they want to see America destroyed?  Sometimes it's hard to tell.  Woopsie, here comes the charge of Islamophobia or xenophobia or racism to intimidate anyone who thinks this way out of thinking this way.  Hey, I realized I might as well accept that I'm Islamophobic, because I know what Islam intends and it IS something to fear if you care about America and Americans.  I'm sick of the hateful propaganda that defends our enemies and seeks to bring down the nation.

The sad thing is how totally polarized the nation is on what the election of Trump means.  The Left thinks it's scary, seeming to believe all their own propaganda.   But do they have any idea how those of us on the other side felt when Obama was elected?  THAT was at least as scary to us as Trump is to them, and in fact Obama has proved to be the nightmare we were afraid he'd be.  But the fears of the Left about Trump are simply the fruit of their warped ideology.  They are so deep in Marxist thinking they can't recognize a standard pro-America point of view, which should benefit them as well as Trump supporters.  If he isn't assassinated right out of the gate they may have a chance to discover that.  (And praying for Trump's protection has to be top priority for Christians I would think).

[I have to change an opinion I expressed here earlier that I thought Trump would have to take back some of his positions such as his support of waterboarding, but I see that he hasn't taken it back and that Pence is supporting the possibility.  (It's called torture and I'm sorry to say I got convinced of that by the movie The Railway Man because waterboarding was shown to be THE method of interrogation used by the Japanese against the British POW, who was emotionally wracked by whatever they did to him years after the end of the war;  but now I believe that was probably propaganda -- the film itself gave the caveat that the POW was tortured in many ways not presented, that the real-life POW's wife said were far worse than what was shown, methods that are more likely to be the reason for his emotional problems after the war.  So I probably fell for some typical propaganda.)   So we'll see how that discussion goes after Trump takes office.]   

What does that incident mean, the incident where the cast of a play booed VP-elect Mike Pence when he attended a performance, and Trump responded by calling it harassment and demanding an apology.  I've seen retorts from the other side that Trump is being a bully, a Hitler in fact.   Pence himself has denied being offended by the reaction. 

One thing we've liked about Trump is that he doesn't cave in when he's called politically correct names.  PC is the bully, PC intimidates and controls, PC is the reason we can't do anything about the problem of illegal aliens, it's the reason Europe is being overrun by Muslims that want to destroy them, PC is the weapon of "Critical Theory" that has the objective of bringing down Western Civilization and it's been succeeding awfully well recently.  A lot of us complain but all they have to do is scowl at us and accuse us of racism or xenophobia and we shut up..  Trump on the other hand doesn't cave, he knows how to handle bullies.

Most of the objection to Trump is PC:  he's racist or xenophobic or sexist or etc etc etc.  That's what makes him a "Hitler."  But what if it turns out that THEY are the Hitlerian brown shirts?   The parallel isn't all that apt on either side but one thing we ought to know is that huge numbers of people supported Hitler.  There are huge numbers for Trump and huge numbers that want to kill him in one way or another.  If he represents the salvation of good things then they are the Hitlers.

Could Trump turn into a Hitler?  It's said so often by the Left I suppose it has to be considered.  He has a strong determined personality that doesn't take much guff from anybody.  But that just makes him Churchillian -- we'll fight the bullies wherever they engage us.  It all depends on what the strength is defending.  Strength on the wrong side is dangerous;  on the right side it could save the country.  The Left isn't used to being called on their plots, they're used to being able to scream "racist" and have all their opponents fall down in a heap.  Cuz THEY are the bullies.

Even so, an autocratic spirit COULD end up doing things of a Hitlerian sort.  There's always that danger.  But Trump is being watched closely by people even on his own side, to see if he's going to come through on his promises or let us down as politicians always do.  And nobody is treating him like a demigod the way Obama was treated.  At the time I posted some of the outright worship of Obama, the complete lack of a critical stance toward him on the part of his supporters.  THAT is far more worrisome I would think than the hopeful but cautious attitude toward Trump among his supporters.  Hitler was also worshipped.  There is none of that with Trump.

Found this at Breitbart:  WHAT TRUMP MEANS.  Among other things the author says:
Trump means an American government that will serve the people, and be rooted in common sense.
I think that says what most Trump supporters feel about Trump.  It's the Left that doesn't get it.  They've been deluding themselves for so long with a false agenda they've come to believe it's real, and they can't stop seeing everything through their distorting lens.  Cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, Political Correctness, have so come to rule their thinking they'll need massive deprogramming to relearn how to recognize reality. 

Serving the people.  Golly what a concept.  Did Obama serve the people?  Obviously not, he's been serving an agenda of his own, aimed at the destruction of America.  Far from serving the American people he's been serving any and all elements that are against us.  Destroying us by encouraging illegal invasions by foreigners who are either parasites on our economy or criminally dangerous or ideologically committed to our destruction, such as Islam;  destroying America's reputation with other nations by apologizing for us to our enemies;  destroying our sovereignty by supporting globalism which would put us under rule by those same enemies;  destroying the economy by supporting foreign economies against ours.  Isn't it interesting that some American businesses are thinking of bringing their manufacturing jobs back to America just because Trump has been elected? 

Marxism is a philosophy of envy and hatred of anybody who has more than others because of a better work ethic.  Envy is another word for covetousness, one of the Shalt Nots, the tenth of the Ten Commandments.  Stealing is another Shalt Not, but Marxism promotes stealing:  from the hard working successful people to the poor.  That's not charity, that's stealing.  It also promotes lying propaganda, that's one of the Shalt Nots too.  They lied to themselves so hard in this election they brought defeat on themselves.  Cultural Marxism also promoted Sexual Freedom of every kind, the Shalt Not against adultery which includes every kind of sexual sin, which undermines the society in many ways.  Organized Marxist nations of course also commit murder as a necessary means to bringing about their crazed idea of utopia.  Murder in the multiple millions.  Doesn't that about run the gamut of the Shalt Nots?  No wonder they have to get rid of the Ten Commandments that have always been the foundation of our court systems.  No wonder they want to erect a statue of Satan.

Well, that last paragraph may be a bit off topic, it just sort of poured out of me.  I think I'll leave it.

And I think I'll end this rather rambling post with the usual reminder that none of this could have happened if the true Christian Church had not enabled it with false doctrine and silly worldly preoccupations in the place of the gospel of Christ.  Trump seems right now to be God's mercy on us even in the teeth of His judgment against us.  But politics can't save us if we continue to ignore and dishonor God.  Repentance and prayer from the churches is the only way out of the evil morass we've been sinking into for decades.