Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rumors of a soon-coming disaster

OK, after complaining about Brannon Howse's guests the last couple of days now I want to post today's radio broadcast (March 22) in which he brings up a topic he's touched on before, about indications that something disastrous is in the air. Here's the page for today's program (They're only available to the public for two weeks, then you have to subscribe to his Situation Room to have access to them).

23:10 They are discussing the recent updating of the executive order for emergency preparedness to extend the measure to NON-emergency conditions -- giving the government (the President) power at his discretion to take control of food, power, energy, health and transportation resources, and "all other material facilities and services" -- to create a condition of martial law.

At about 27.00 Brannon Howse asks if this might be connected to the recent revelation from an Iranian spy for the US that there are hundreds of Iranian sleeper cells in America waiting for some signal to start attacking some 800 sites.

Some hints or rumors include:

1) Law enforcement organizations have been getting directives that don't talk in terms of just being prepared IF we have some kind of disaster, but in a tone of certainty that such an event IS going to happen soon.

2) The government is showing signs of unusual activity in the direction of preparedness for something pretty enormous, construction of what may be an underground shelter or bunker under the White House lawn, plus a huge order of emergency food supplies (29:00) by some government agency, plus other emergency supplies and ammunition.[31-34.26 commercial break.]

3) Increase in spying equipment that can find out anything about anybody. Through chips being built into appliances, also anything on the internet is monitored, also all phone calls are monitored. (around 34.30+ ) "Don't ever assume whatever you say on the phone is private." Also all religious websites are being monitored.

4) 45:40 - Why you might want to start buying extra food to keep on hand in case there is a food shortage. 46.40 - 47.15 (Commercial 48:15 - 51:15).