Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Hateful Face of Political Correctness

So you've probably seen the sign that says "Love Trumps Hate" with a screaming face behind it.  We know what they think they mean, of course, but all they are doing is showing their own hatred, and their anti-Americanism.  Let's be clear, the Leftists are the haters, the ones who run into the streets to harm and kill those they hate, to destroy their property, to act like barbarians and fascists because of nothing more than hurt feelings.  Truth be told, even a nonviolent protest of the results of a legitimate election (even one their side did try to steal) is a deep offense to this nation.  Bleagh, these aren't Americans.  When Hillary said in her "concession" speech, that was really more of a bitter call to her troops, that she "loves America" and hates to give up her American "values" all I could do was roll my eyes.  She has no AMERICAN values, she doesn't love the true America, she loves some imaginary Marxist redefinition of America, an ugly alien parody.  She, and Obama too as I recall, emphasized the very American tradition of the peaceful transition of power between administrations, but hypocritically neither of them has come out and condemned the violent protests. 

I guess I'm a bit irritable this evening.  Anyway, WHAT "love" is that sign talking about?  What love is there in defying the law?  What love is there in allowing illegal immigrants to keep coming into the country and threaten the jobs of citizens?:  Or their lives if we're talking about Islamists?  Or get benefits and medical care paid for by these American citizens?   Do you love the Christians who are being sued out of their businesses because they can't in good conscience support gay marriage?  No, you hate them.  YOU'RE the haters.  Do you love the 60 million voters who legitimately won this election?  Obviously not, you hate us all, you still want to steal it from us.

You wave the Mexican flag and claim to be Americans?  Hey, Mexico could use some help, a lot of help obviously since so many of them want to move here.  How's about THAT's where you move to get away from the Trump administration?  Help the poor people down there to better their lot instead of tearing down America.  You are so loving, stop the hatred and show it!


Now the Lefties are projecting their own violence on the Right and believing fabricated stories.

So now we're getting lies about who is perpetrating the violence.  The evidence is out there in plenty of video reports that it's anti-Trumpers who are protesting and anti-Trumpers trashing things, attacking the police and lone Trump supporters;  but without any evidence at all there are some claiming there are pro-Trump people doing these things.  Such as at EvC forum, which is supposedly about the evolution-creation debates but interestingly is almost solidly Leftist.  We could wonder why that is the case, but anyway that's where one of the leftist scientists has made this false accusation of Trump supporters. 

The Left accuses us falsely of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, fascism, being "haters" and now violence, most of which describe the Left and not the Right.  I'm sure there are some on both sides that fit all those labels, but it's the Left as a whole that is actually characterized by most of them and not the Right. 

That poster should apologize.  I won't hold my breath. 

I found this report on similar false accusations -- it's a right-wing source so he'll ignore it despite its evident credibility. 

Later: There's more to that post I should have commented on:
We are already seeing violence and threatened violence against minorities around the country. In schools bullies and the children of bigots feel empowered to terrorize anyone they don't like.

This is exactly the kind of behavior that enabled the nazi rise to power. A few assassinations of the press by the "2nd amendment folks" as Trump calls them and the press will stop reporting on the abuses of power.
What a bunch of paranoid hate speech. They usually accuse the Right of such paranoia. Just as the violence and threatened violence he's attributing to the Right is actually being perpetrated by the Left as we speak.  It's the Leftist desire to shut up people who disagree with them that is the Nazi style terrorism that is ACTUALLY occurring.  Trump supporters are the ones getting beaten up.  The press isn't reporting on Rightist abuses of power because the abuse is being done by the Left, and most of it is reported on the non-mainstream media.  Infowars had a team out covering the Austin protest for instance.  It wasn't violent -- oh, except that one marcher did kick one of the Infowars guys who was interviewing people.  

Geraldo Rivera being interviewed at Fox News made the point that the violent protests are trashing businesses in cities that went for Hillary, very likely businesses that belong to her supporters.  He said they should be put in jail.  They should.  Is that going to happen?

Somebody at Fox, it might have been Geraldo on the same show, said there has been at least one incident of white supremacist craziness at a school, of labeling fountains separately for blacks and whites.  It doesn't sound like it was violent, just crazy.  So there are your racists.   

Have we already degenerated to a third world nation ruled by violence?

I'm  waiting for someone on the Left to denounce the protests.  Hillary?  Obama?  Anybody?  There have been incidents of whites being singled out and beaten for their support of Trump, a gang against a lone victim.  It's become dangerous in America to cast a vote for the candidate of your choice?  This is America? 

A large percentage of blacks and Hispanics also voted for Trump, but the propaganda -- RACIST propaganda by the way -- is aimed at whites.  A high school girl was attacked by a fellow student, a girl, race unknown, at least to me, for giving her opinion in favor of Trump on social media.  The assailant asked her if she hates Mexicans;  she said No;  the assailant then said You're for Trump, you hate Mexicans and hit her.  This is the insane logic that has been pumped into people's heads on the Left.  It's "hate speech" isn't it? 

Shouldn't those whose lying rhetoric has provoked this violence be prosecuted for it?