Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To Save Some Catholics If Possible

I have been so affected by the information coming from Chris Pinto's ministry about the Church of Rome and its plots and murders that I've become desperate to see people saved from it. I don't have much of a gift of evangelism but now I'm praying that the Lord will give me at least some ability at this.

I have to suppose it is in answer to that prayer that I found an article on Chris Pinto's site, Five Reasons Why Catholic is Not Christian, written by the European Institute for Protestant Studies. I spent a couple hours putting it into tract form, a tri-fold tract on 8-1/2 x 11 paper that can be downloaded, printed and folded.

I will happily send a copy of this to anyone who wants it so you can make your own copies and give them out. If you write to me at Luke21-36@hotmail.com I'll send it to you as an attachment. HOWEVER, it was done in Microsoft Publisher and I know many people don't have that program. You need it in order to download the attachment. I'm sorry about that.

I suppose I could mail a copy though, if anyone wants to provide an address. Then you could get it copied yourself.

The following is a picture of one side of the tract.