Thursday, November 17, 2016

Some evidence of election tampering, vote fraud, and provocation at Trump rallies

Here is some evidence of tampering with the election before the election occurred:

Infowars interview of Beverly Harris, October 31, 2016:  She explains the technology of mass voter election fraud by manipulating the results from a centralized computer;  says later in the interview that it appears things are already rigged for Hillary.  She's not partisan herself and she's very credible.

This is her website,  Lots of information explaining the method of manipulating votes by assigning a fraction to each vote instead of a whole number, which makes it easier to manipulate the percentages of a great number of votes for any given candidate.

And here is the first of a series of videos made secretly, getting people on the Hillary side to talk about how they are rigging the election among other things.  There are at least four in the series available at YouTube.  This first one is mostly about how they send people to disrupt Trump rallies.