Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WHY CHRISTIANS SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY. Clinton's Marxist background and indulgence in spiritism. Plus: See UPDATE

Well, I made up my mind to vote for Trump.  I agree with most of his positions and I agree with none of Hillary Clinton's positions, starting with Pro Choice.  Trump has waffled on that one but has said enough Pro Life to make him preferable.  Character should be important of course but if we're comparing them on character Trump actually comes off better than Hillary anyway. 

I just listened to a recent radio show of Jan Markell's Understanding the Times radio on which her guest was Eric Barger who has the website Take A Stand ministries.  The subject was two of Hillary's influences that should disqualify her absolutely from the consideration of Christians:  her Marxist background and her involvement in spiritism, specifically her "channeling of Eleanor Roosevelt."  I dabbled in the occult before I became a Christian, along with many other sins, but I've repented.  I also have lapses into sins of various kinds, including pondering the uncanny "truths" of some forms of occultic practice.  But I then repent again.  But Hillary hasn't shown any signs of repentance despite her claim to be a Christian.

And then there is her Marxist background.   Most of us have heard of her association with Saul Alinsky, but Barger shows us that she was also involved with radical Michael Lerner.  I found an article at his site that mentions her experiences with "Eleanor Roosevelt" but documents in some detail the influence of Michael Lerner.  It's odd but there are liberals who deny that either she or Obama is Marxist.  Are they ignorant, brainwashed, or pretending?  Obama was raised by a Marxist mother and had Bill Ayers as his Marxist mentor.  If Hillary is elected I think we can fairly suppose that it's due partly at least to the enormous naivete of the American population about the nature of America versus the nature of Marxism. 

Trump certainly has faults galore, but they aren't in an area that threatens the very nature of American institutions, and in fact most of his positions are consistent with the conservative view of America.  The Marxists did their work well, however, influencing the educational system bit by bit to undermine those institutions.  If Trump listens to good advisers maybe we can reclaim some of it.   If not, I'd still rather have his mistakes than hers.

Anyway, here's Eric Barger's article on Clinton's Marxism.



I've been remiss as a blogger during this election season.  The issues are really clear enough when you spend the time to think them through, avoiding the noisy but irrelevant media clamor about personalities..  

Here's an article by a pastor in Charisma magazine, not one of my favorite sources of information but the article is good:  Why many Christians are going to vote for Hillary despite her anti-Christian positions and a plea to vote for Trump instead.  Her support for late term abortion ought to curdle the blood of a Christian -- or any decent human being for that matter; her support for gay marriage which has already begun persecuting Christian businesses in this nation ought to horrify a Christian.  The political position is going to affect people in ways the candidate's character won't, and voting for Hillary's political positions is to vote for murder of babies and persecution of Christians and the continuing destruction of America by the left.