Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think they've won the culture wars: it's dead.

EvC forum never disappoints when it comes to being on the forefront of the culture wars. There are a number of threads there started by a new guy called "Den" who writes satires about how evolutionist thinking implies a lack of moral standards, and I keep being amazed that they continue to treat him as slandering them. That's amazing enough, but then along comes this thread saying outright what we've all known for decades now: marriage has lost all meaning in modern culture.

Does the idea of gay marriage threaten marriage? Ha ha, of course it does. This thread is proof, or if not exactly proof it's exactly what has always been meant by the destruction of marriage -- destruction of the MEANING of marriage, which this thread amply demonstrates is well underway. Do they make the connection? Naa. They continue to characterize that complaint as about individuals' personal marriages rather than about marriage itself. They write far more stupid satires based on that misunderstanding than Den has written. Gay marriage trashes the whole meaning of marriage. But of course marriage has been pretty much trashed for decades now or we wouldn't have arrived at this point. Gay marriage is just the last nail in the coffin. At least there's still enough life in the culture to fight over that last nail.

Does evolution undermine morality? Of course it does. Den does misread his opponents. He doesn't realize just HOW far the culture has gone thanks to influences which include evolutionism and its fundamental atheism. They don't even get that there is a connection with atheism. They can't tell the difference between individual beliefs and moral standards and philosophical imperatives. The theory of evolution of its own nature renders morality irrelevant.

Yes people still go on with a sense of morality, even in many cases a pretty old fashioned sense of morality, though that is eroding in favor of a brand new and highly strident moral indignation against anyone who disagrees with them about anything. The fact that a sense of morality remains, however misguided or twisted, in spite of all the philosophical and cultural influences that undermine it these days is testimony to the fact that human beings were made in the image of God. THAT certainly wouldn't occur to them. (Reminds me how the atheists carry on in their tones of moral indignation against the claims of believers in God and particularly against the character of the true God. Christopher Hitchens brings his outraged moral sensibilities to a fever pitch at times. Pastor Douglas Wilson, who became the other half of their roadshow debating atheism pointed out that Hitchens would have made a good Puritan. C.S. Lewis called this attitude toward Christianity, growing already even in his day, "God in the Dock").

Even without specific religious underpinnings, ALL human cultures have ALWAYS required and recognized marriage. There's something SO fundamental about it that its being questioned these days is another sad sign that we've just about lost all the props that held human society together in the past.

And the fact that the morality is increasingly twisted against the standards God gave us is testimony to our fallen nature as well as to these cultural influences that have made it impossible for the younger generation to understand why we ever had such an institution as marriage.

Evolution destroys any foundation for morality. Nietzsche knew that. Evolution was the main salvo in the Death of God. He'd sneer at those who try to reconcile their own garbled moral sense with their belief in evolution. They haven't a leg to stand on but they don't know it.

Read the thread and weep, all you who still can. The others I guess will just be puzzled over my assessment. Sad.