Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gay agenda watershed. So maybe this is the start of the shaking

How absolutely astonishing that it's now considered by many to be a violation of civil rights to object to the legalization of something that was never before in history legalized in any culture, that it's regarded as an act of "hatred" against a "class of society" that was never before regarded as a class of society, to object to gay marriage.  That it's an act of hatred to be concerned about their eternal destiny if they don't know that homosexuality is a sin.

That's the way the world has gone.  We knew Christians would be marginalized and hated in the end, but who knew it would be around such an issue as this?  We were killed for denying transubstantiation during some long period of history, now we're being set up to be killed for denying that homosexuality is normal and that marriage is their natural right?  The world has gone mad but we've seen it coming for a long time.  It's hard to imagine it could get much crazier, or at least I don't want to think it.

Come soon, Lord.