Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teachings on The Harbinger

I got this in email today and it's good enough to post.  This is Part 1 of a series of teachings on Jonathan Cahn's book, The Harbinger, presented by a very articulate teacher who really gets it and knows how to present it. 

I don't know anything about Greg Sharp, except that he is a pastor at Brandon Bible Tabernacle, about which I also know nothing.  He's a standard evangelical in his concepts, rather than Reformed, and he may have some charismatic leanings, I can't really tell how far at this point, but overall really all I know at this point is that I've listened to Part One of his series and it's very well done.

I might add that he mentions a visit to Las Vegas in my very own state, and certainly I agree with his assessment of "sin city" overall, but please, there are Christians there too, Pastor Sharp! However, I bring this up because he mentioned that on his way out to the airport he passed a billboard that said something like "Lust will send you to Hell," which was the only Christian message he said he encountered on his trip, to which he said a hearty "Amen."

I'm mentioning this because a while back I happened to hear Jan Markell of Understanding the Times radio interviewing Joseph Farah of World Net Daily (Yes I have some problems with WND too but it's hard not to have SOME problems with our brethren these days but anyway).

Farah revealed that he'd recently felt called to put up billboards across the country highlighting the Ten Commandments, which have been removed from our public life over the last few decades, and the organization that he formed for this project started in Las Vegas. First report I've heard of anyone seeing the billboard was from Greg Sharp in this video. Praise the Lord! I hope Farah is able to keep putting them up across the country. And here's Part 2 of Greg Sharp's series on The Harbinger: