Saturday, April 13, 2013

A message on the Holiness of God

Wouldn't normally post just a link to a sermon but this one is so good I'm going to.   Heard it on local Christian radio, Pilgrim Radio .  I've heard this pastor before, Mike Preston, and been impressed with him.  He's pastor of what must be a very small congregation in Graeagle, California (population 737), but he's got a depth of Bible understanding that is rare in preachers.  So I found his web page and hope to listen to more of him. 

The one that so impressed me tonight is his sermon on Leviticus 8, which is one in a series he did on Leviticus.  In our day of casual attitudes in the churches, treating God like our buddy instead of the Holy God, we desperately need to recover a true fear of God and to hear a message about the unapproachable Holiness of God.  You can find it at Graeagle Community Church on the Sermons page, though it will be aired twice again on Pilgrim Radio Saturday and also on Sunday -- check their schedule.