Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Musings on the Election and the Antichrist

One problem with the Bible versions I think I mentioned earlier is that they make it just about impossible to find a particular verse that you don't remember perfectly. I remember something about a "little horn," usually interpreted to represent the Antichrist, pushing its way into a position of influence "by intrigue" but the word "intrigue" does not come up in Strong's. Another case of the new versions defeating God's people. Of course it would be good to know the Bible so well we wouldn't be dependent on Strong's. I'll find the quote eventually.

I'll be amazed if Obama doesn't win. It's been growing on me that Obama could indeed be "the One" as Oprah dubbed him when she endorsed him. My brother does not have revelations, it's not at all typical of him, but he says this was really something, the way he woke up with this sense of certainty a week or so ago that Obama is the Antichrist. He says he abruptly sat up in bed from the absolute certainty of it.

I didn't bite at first about Obama, and I'm still holding the idea lightly. I have other ideas about the qualifications for Antichrist, but it has been growing on me that he could be right. The Pope has excellent qualifications for instance, as I've mentioned before, including the number 666 in his Latin title, and whether the Last Pope is THE Antichrist or not, he's going to be a major player in some role or other. I also thought the Antichrist would probably have to be Jewish or part Jewish to be a convincing savior to the Jews, and there is at least one Jewish Cardinal who could become Pope, but I've realized the Jews who would be deceived don't really know their scriptures anyway and many think Obama is a savior already. He also fits the biblical portrait of the "little horn" in Daniel that just pushes its way up out of nowhere "by intrigue" to a position of influence.

I know we're in the time just before the Man of Sin is to be revealed, I've been sure of that since the beginning of 2007 that it's right around the corner. The Pope has been my working candidate for years, and the next and last Pope can't be far off considering the age of Benedict.

I haven't been succeeding at persuading anyone of any of my last-days thoughts, but you know, a seed planted may sprout later, in God's timing, as the meaning of the prophecies unfolds in reality.

Anyway I've voted in the early voting, against Obama more than for McCain. A weak moment perhaps. I could regret voting for McCain but had to put in a vote against the duplicitous Obama. But McCain doesn't represent much of what a Christian should support, either, and I did agree with what Alan Keyes says about how a Christian shouldn't vote for any shade of evil for any reason. Not the slightest waffling on abortion or gay marriage for instance.

I've never felt fear before in thinking about all these things, but lately I've had to work to put down the fear. Prayer, psalms, remembering God is on the throne, are the antidote. Usually it's been more disgust and sadness over the direction the country has been going, but lately there's been this tinge of fear -- this is way bigger than just another Presidential election. But we are not to be anxious over anything so I have to keep reminding myself of that. The Lord always supplies His faithful ones who trust in Him and depend upon Him. In a time such as Revelation portends we might even expect the kind of support He gave Elijah and the widow woman during the famine.