Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Now they are calling the Tea Parties "racist." They have no conscience, no honor. Even if we make gains in the November election it has to be recognized that this nation is now being overrun by a criminal mentality that seeks to destroy it completely and elections can't answer to that for long. Thuggery has been shown in the act of defrauding people of their right to vote already. Daily deceit is what we get for news. We've long since stopped being the moral people the founders said we must be for our system of government to work.

It is time for American Christians to put away everything that isn't absolutely essential -- and MOST of what we are engaged in isn't -- and devote daily hours on end to begging God to heal this nation.

Pray for each other to be able to pray more, pray for the churches, pray for the pastors, pastors pray for your congregations hours on end (revival has come by this means), pray for revival, pray for the restraint of evil, pray for personal correction and repentance, pray pray pray until God comes down.

There is no other hope.