Friday, July 13, 2012

Christians are called to stand up against the sin of homosexuality and expect to be persecuted for doing so

On a recent radio show, Chris Pinto mentioned a video by a Pastor Scott Lively about the sin of homosexuality that was pulled from You Tube as "hate speech" so I went and found it. I don't belong to Facebook so I can't embed it here, but here's the whole page. Well worth listening to.

Nothing "hateful" about it, just a calm rational straightforward description of the situation. Whole history of the movement, and how Christians have been abdicating our calling to confront it.

Christians are being cowed by the aggressive tactics of "gay rights" and backing off when what is needed is standing firm against them.

Always always always it COSTS to defend God's truth. This includes even defending The Harbinger against some WITHIN the church who have failed to see what it's really all about and are as good as persecuting its defenders. We should rejoice when we are persecuted, scripture tells us, hard to do of course, but that's our calling, and it's only going to get worse as the end times progress and evil grows apace that we must stand up against. The cost of failing to stand will be the loss of spiritual power and spiritual discernment.

I feel I've been remiss on the topic of homosexuality, letting it slide instead of bringing God's word to bear on it as we are called to do.

Yes, prepare for persecution because the truth is now called "hate speech" and when that is fully in force we'll no longer have freedom of speech or religion. As Pastor Lively points out in his sermon, when some gay activists try to disrupt him, suppressing the speech of someone who disagrees with you is fascism. Blogger belongs to Google too, just as You Tube does, so just posting this puts me in line for persecution.