Friday, November 4, 2016

Praying for the nation and this election

God could give us Hillary because the nation is under judgment.  The only answer to judgment is confession and repentance.  Praying for revival is always good but not without confession and repentance.  I'd like to see a Christian leader make a call for this kind of prayer, similar to Kay Arthur's call for revival prayer a few years ago.  But although she had people praying across the nation revival didn't come.  There has to be a spirit of confession and repentance and then maybe God will give us revival.   We have to confess the errors as God shows them to us in our own churches but also the errors of the liberal churches, the "social justice" churches, the self-esteem "seeker-sensitive" churches, the Emergent Church, the seventh-day Adventists, and any other errors we can think of.   And we could use some powerful evangelists like George Whitefield. 

Even if a few prayed like this it could make a difference.  The prophet Daniel after all prayed on his own and confessed all the sins of Israel as his own.  Fasting to various degrees would help too.

Anyway I'm taking this as my own project for the next few days.