Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Oily Voice of the Serpent; and Jesuits: The Engineer Corps of Hell

Apparently The Christian Post is a Romanist publication, or perhaps an ecumenical effort. They have a Romanist columnist in any case. He wrote a piece back in October in anticipation of Reformation Day on the 31st, in which he pretends we're just all one big happy church family, Protestants and Romanists together, which of course means he subsumes all churches under Rome. He even pretends the Reformation was a welcome event for the RCC, a "renewal" of necessary but lost doctrine. But he treats Ignatius Loyola as somebody to learn from rather than the founder of the bloodthirsty Jesuits who masterminded the Counter Reformation, the Inquisition, and persecutions of true Christians for centuries:

He calls himself the The Public Philosopher:
Public Philosopher

Martin Luther, Ignatius Loyola, and Protestant Reformation

By Paul de Vries

Paul de Vries portrait
The Reformation was a precious but complex step in Church history, where the beloved Biblical teachings of the amazing grace of God were renewed. We are all beneficiaries – Protestant, Roman Catholic, and everyone else. What can we learn from Martin Luther, Ignatius Loyola and others from that era – and especially from the Living Lord now – so that we can approach this 500th anniversary with a renewed awareness of the Lord and his purposes for his whole Church?
There you have it, the "whole Church" which of course pretends we're all Christians, and course means means all of us under Rome.

I wonder how many fall for that oily tone of his, that "precious but complex step in Church history," by which the "beloved Biblical teachings of the amazing grace of God were renewed." I wonder how many are deceived by such a disgusting saccharine lie. The Roman Church has never rescinded the anathemas (curses) of their Council of Trent against all the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation, nor have they closed their Office of the Inquisition, which was still racking up murders in the 19th century and probably more recently than that; nor have they ever acknowledged the actual enormities of the Inquisition. They play down the numbers, and Pope John Paul blamed the "people" for the enormities, not the papacy or the Church leadership which was the real source.

The Jesuits were called "The Engineer Corps of Hell" by Edwin A. Sherman who wrote a book by that title in the 19th century. They were known for their subversive activities against all the nations of Europe and had been kicked out of all of them many times. John Adams said of the Jesuits, "If ever any congregation of men could merit eternal perdition on earth and in hell ... it is this company of Loyola."

More later.