Monday, November 23, 2009

MAJOR HASAN AN HONEST FOLLOWER OF THE KORAN murdered out of obedience even against conflicting feelings. Read it and weep.

I want to get this information published even though I'm not going to take the time to format it carefully or comment much at this point. Here's the raw stuff.

Gist: Major Hasan who killed so many at Fort Hood did so in obedience to the Koran EVEN AFTER SEEKING WAYS HE MIGHT BE ABLE TO AVOID THIS DUTY. He even gave a speech outlining his thinking in this direction, yet nobody took it as the warning signal it was. The Koran is unfortunately not open to alternative views and he had to conclude that to be obedient to his God he HAD to kill nonMuslims. This conflict came to a decision point when he was being asked to go and kill Muslims, which he couldn't do and be faithful to his religion. The Koran teaches that killing a Muslim will take you to Hell, and killing nonMuslims will earn you blessings. There is no room for other interpretations. The man was excruciatingly honest about the position he was in on account of his religion. He wasn't unfaithful to the American Army so much as REQUIRED BY HIS RELIGION to make a choice he didn't want to have to make.

What sort of idiots are we in the West that we have been ignoring this obvious situation for years now?

I wasn't able to find the speech itself but maybe it's trackable from these links, and Rubin's article is pretty clear about what it says anyway:
Hassan is the first terrorist in history to give an academic lecture explaining why he was about to attack. Yet that still isn’t enough for too many people—including the president of the United States--to understand that the murderous assault at Fort Hood was a Jihad attack.

It was reported that the audience was shocked and frightened by his lecture. He was supposed to speak on some medical topic yet instead talked on the topic: “The Koranic World View as it Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military.” All you have to do is look at the 50 Power Point slides and they tell you everything you need to know.

It is quite a good talk. He’s logical and presents his evidence. This is clearly not the work of a mad man or a fool, though there’s still a note of ambiguity in it. He's still working out what to do in his own mind and is trying to figure out if he has a way out other than in effect deserting the U.S. army and becoming a Jihad warrior. Ultimately, he concluded that he could not be a proper Muslim without killing American soldiers. Obviously, other Muslims could reach different conclusions but Hassan strongly grounds himself in Islamic texts.

In a sense, Hassan's lecture was a cry for help: Can anyone show me another way out? Can anyone refute my interpretation of Islam? One Muslim in the audience reportedly tried to do so. But unless these issues are openly discussed and debated--rather than swept under the rug--more people will die.

In fact, I’d recommend that teachers use this lecture in teaching classes on both Islam and Islamist politics.