Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brannon Howse now consorting with infidels who dare to say that God judges America according to His word to Israel?

Brannon Howse, who has been a major enemy of The Harbinger for all the wrong reasons I've been writing about here, hosts a number of Christian programs at his Worldview Weekend website, one of which is Dr. Erwin Lutzer's, who today has a program on How God judges nations.

Guess how God judges nations? According to Pastor Lutzer He judges all nations according to His instructions to the nation of ISRAEL. Lutzer refers to Deuteronomy, Jeremiah and Amos as his sources for the ways God can be expected to judge AMERICA.

Wasn't it THE major complaint of those Brannon Howse hosted against The Harbinger that Cahn had wrongly applied God's words written exclusively to Israel to America?

Shouldn't Brannon Howse be raking Lutzer over the coals as a false prophet just as he did Cahn? Shouldn't he repent of sharing a platform with such an apostate teacher? Every opportunity he gets he says something of the sort against Cahn.

The Harbinger says nothing that isn't in keeping with Dr. Lutzer's sermon despite the critics' suspicions. The vast majority of people who read it understand it in the sense of Dr. Lutzer's teachings. How the critics get anything else out of it is the puzzle.

You owe Cahn a major major apology, Brannon, as do all your critic friends such as T A McMahon, Jimmy DeYoung and David James.

Heard from someone who tells me this is a straw man argument. That is simply not true. The critics are using the straw man arguments, by insisting that Cahn is advocating Replacement Theology or reading America into Isaiah 9:10 or equating Israel's covenant with God with the covenants made by American founders, all of which are false. A straw man is a false argument you impute to your opposition so you can shoot it down. That's what they are doing with these false arguments. The truth is that The Harbinger is saying what Dr. Lutzer is saying about how the Old Testament also applies to America or any other nation.

America's attitude hasn't changed since 9/11

Comments gleaned from here and there on the web as the nation remembers 9/11 can pretty well be summed up in this one I think, from a site with many "Christians:"
I'll never forget that...and never forget that we still owe someone our wrath after 11 years.
Any chance The Harbinger could turn around such a hardened godless view of the event and make people aware after all this time that God was trying to tell us something and that retaliating would be against Him?

Sad to think that we can expect more of God's judgment of the nation BECAUSE of this attitude.

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