Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Election ... sigh

I keep coming back to a comment I saw on a forum a while back, in a discussion of the candidates for President this year:  

What we need is a System Reset Button,

or a giant asteroid ....


HOWEVER:  I'm not giving up on Trump, I just wish he wasn't such a loose cannon at times, and didn't have such a record of life decisions that are contrary to anything a Christian should support.

UPDATE 11/12:  Above I'm reacting to the opinions I've heard from some Christian leaders that a Christian shouldn't vote for someone of bad character by Christian standards.  But this is silly and I'm glad that Chris Pinto pointed it out on one of his radio shows recently:  We aren't voting for a pastor or elder of a church where their character must be "blameless;"  we are voting for the leader of a pluralistic nation and all that counts is that he support the political issues that matter to us.