Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway joins the rest of the West in the eclipsing of its once-Christian society

How does someone come to the conclusion that the best way to combat an ideology that produces terrorists is to become one yourself?

That's what the Norwegian man who killed over 90 people at a "liberal" camp, and some government officials in another killing in downtown Oslo, seems to have been thinking. He says he wants to "change Norwegian society." He opposes the liberal immigration policies that have allowed the Muslim subpopulation to grow, he opposes multiculturalism and the Cultural Marxism that brought it about, he opposes the jihadic policies of Islam and wants them recognized and restricted by Norwegian society. How is that going to happen by murdering people?

It seems the only way he might change Norwegian society is by making it more paranoid and less free.

Norway has been known for its freedoms, for instance that its highest officials felt free to walk around in town or ride public transportation without the need for protection. Now that may change. How will that serve the killer's objectives?

They regard their liberal immigration policies and their open door to Muslims as part of their superior notions of freedom. If they do change in reaction to this murderous event they are only going to batten down more behind such policies and enforce them with other kinds of restrictions on their freedoms.

You know what's REALLY sad about all this? The freedom they are so proud of GOES BACK TO THEIR CHRISTIAN PAST. They no longer understand this and now mistakenly attribute it to their liberal policies, the policies that are allowing Islam a voice to such an extent that it may rise up and challenge whatever is left of Norway's Christian heritage -- because Islam is committed to taking the world for Allah and Islam is NOT a religion that promotes such freedoms as Norway has enjoyed for centuries. In nation after nation liberalism has become the handmaiden to the murderous aims of Islam.

Apparently the killer knows this and wants to bring it to the attention of the society in general. It isn't going to happen, it's only going to get worse. You don't return to a Christian society by murdering people.

The degeneration into liberalism AND the growth of Islamic influence in the West are BOTH DUE TO THE DETERIORATION OF CHRISTIANITY.

The solution is God-wrought revival. Certainly not murder.

Later: Since of course the Right is concerned that the Left is going to make this into some kind of proof that Christians are just as much terrorists as Islamists, I want to add that I think Christians should be careful not to see this so much as a political conflict as a reflection of the spiritual "powers and principalities" that we are always up against. Our enemy is "not flesh and blood" and the war can't be fought effectively by human means. We really do need a revival, this is a spiritual war and it can only be won by Christians dying to self, taking up our cross and following the Lord into battle primarily on our knees. Really sad that this "Christian" killer doesn't recognize these realities.