Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Email about The Harbinger

I haven't discussed the Harbinger in some time, but an email I got about it gives me the opportunity:

I came across your blog and was very refreshed to see your posts on discernment issues. However, I am perplexed on The Harbinger issue. Are you defending that book??? Did you know Cahn is very much a part of the charismatic movement as far as his rubbing shoulders with them? Did you know you Cahn heavily endorses gnostic books such as Zohar and Kabalah?

To which I answered:

Thanks for your comment.  Yes, I am definitely defending the Harbinger, and I'm aware of all the issues you raise about it, having commented on them in various posts.  I've objected to Cahn's friendships among the charismatics but I was once a charismatic myself and I give people time to see the light on that one.  None of Cahn's own teachings carries the charismatic message although some unfairly try to pin that on him. 

As for the Zohar and the Kabbalah, no, that has been totally misunderstood.  He does NOT "endorse" those books at ALL and those who have accused him of it are greatly in the wrong and should apologize to him.  The ONLY way he uses the rabbinical writings is to discover the gospel in them, which he's good at.  The rabbis often understood the scriptures correctly, UNTIL the true Messiah came along, when they changed their tune.  Jonathan Cahn enjoys finding out how they understood the true gospel of the true Christ in spite of themselves.

Not sure why I made the remark about time to see through it, that's not really the point.  The point is that he's not a charismatic. 

Faith, with all do respect, but any "Christian" book that is a best seller, in a world that Jesus said "Hated Him first and will hate us too", smells of smoke. Cahn's affiliations with the charismatic movement ARE serious Faith, its like saying "Well Bill Johnson (a known charismatic) wrote this great book and well it takes time to get out of all that. So even though he's involved with heresy, its ok because people need time to get out."  I am sorry but that is wrong. I came out of the charismatic movement too, and they have serious serious errors, ones that cannot simply be looked at with a passive attitude. His associations with it give people the impression that its OK and its not ok!

 With the whole Hebrew Roots movement growing, and I am not talking Messianic Jew, I am talking about these new cults (like Jim Staley and Michael Rood) and teach we have to go back under the law and so on, and their embrace of the Zohar and Kabalah, and Cahn being quite similar, maybe not out right, but he walks that line, I am sorry but it just doesn't seem right. I guess we all have blind spots I guess I don't know, but you seem discerning and I am just saddened that you can't discern this guy.

Just like too, you mentioned Alex Jones, he did a documentary last year on straight evolution. And then when Christians admonished him he came out with a follow up video bashing christians. He highly esteems David Icke, a very very big theosophic new ager, the man is a wolf! My husband, who has just about walked away from God, listens to him so I know all this first hand. 

I pray Faith that you will be shown the serious errors of these things. God bless you and I will pray for you.

I guess I'm going to have to do another post on the Harbinger after all this time.   Cahn does not teach anything charismatic,  ...  , the book has nothing charismatic in it, and Berit Kjos misrepresents his teaching from the Zohar.  I agree about his associations and have written about that but that's not the same thing as BEING a charismatic.  I've also written against the Hebrew Roots movement.  You'd have a point about the popularity of the book but remember that both the Bible and Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress are all time bestsellers so your point only goes so far.  Cahn is not a perfect man but overall he's been misrepresented.  

I really don't know much about Alex Jones but liked that one thing I heard.  Since I don't know much about him and have heard many negatives about him I think I'll take that down. 

Please, if you're going to pray for someone, just pray, don't tell me I'm wrong and you'll pray, that's rather insulting.


This is my preliminary remark on Berit Kjos' mistaken response to Cahn's interest in a phrase from the Zohar:

Isa 29:20-21  ...all that watch for iniquity ..:
That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought.

All discernment ministries do in a sense "watch for inquity" but in the case of the supposed discerning of Jonathan Cahn they've gone over the line into condemning a brother in Christ who isn't perfect but is not guilty as charged.  He has his own interests that the discerners can't appreciate.