Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evil Times

Six Catholics, three Jews on the Supreme Court. Decisions coming down that remove the first amendment rights of Protestant businesses to exercise their religious beliefs by refusing specific jobs that give direct support to gay marriage. Latest I've seen a silkscreener who won't do a t shirt advertising gay marriage.

did make a decision in favor of Hobby Lobby's refusal to provide birth control as part of insurance for employees. Birth control is a big Catholic issue. Imagine that.

Vatican reevaluating family issues. Going to come out with some kind of support for gay marriage? How many gay priests are there in the Vatican and elsewhere in the RCC? How many molestations of children have been swept under the rug?

How many Catholics in our Congress? Well there's Boehner on the right and Pelosi on the Left and the two of them got together and invited the Pope to speak to Congress some time next year. If only we had an Ian Paisley who would stand up and denounce him as Antichrist.

Catholics give sanctuary to illegal aliens coming over our Southern Border, they make sure they get American tax money too. They're Catholics too you know.

Remember the Jesuit who came out a couple years ago saying we should get rid of the Constitution?

  England has modified its old law against having a Catholic on the throne.

While the Antichrist system is doing all this, some parts of the Protestant church are looking for the Antichrist to arise somewhere in the world sometime soon.

  Well, Islam IS an antichrist too.

  We've already had a beheading in America on the basis of jihad, in Oklahoma, though political correctness as usual wants to dispute that as the reason for it.

Actor Ben Affleck had a fit about people making an issue about the murderous tendencies of Islam. It's just a few of them you know. Well, one percent of 1.4 billion people is fourteen million. Is that enough?

  Some lefties on a message board actually come perilously close to defending female genital mutilation as just a "cultural practice" of Muslims, and the burka, and oppression of women in general, same lefties who would have worked hard for women's rights in the west I'm sure, but it would be racist to object to another culture doing far worse.

  World has gone mad, but so mad it's become commonplace. It will never recover.

Some lefties think we shouldn't protect ourselves against Ebola by cutting off communication with Africa. That would be racist.

Did Tamerlane Tsarnaev commit murder long before the Boston Marathon bombing and get away with it?

Pastor of a church in Alabama just came out and admitted he has AIDS and has had sex with church members, also mishandled church money. And what else, I forget?