Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu Emergency Hoax

Scott Johnson has been talking for weeks about the swine flu, how the flu itself is not the problem but the vaccination for it is. Today's talks are on the same topic. You do have to take his stuff with a grain of salt but I want to post Part 2 of today's talks because it covers some pretty clearcut evidence -- that this supposed epidemic of swine flu is nonexistent, that there's no emergency level even if the cases WERE swine flu, but that when they are tested it turns out a huge percentage of them are not only not swine flu but not flu at all. He includes interviews that are very convincing, including Barbara Lowe Fisher who is one of the most trustworthy flu and vaccination experts.

This is the audio for Part 2, and this is the PDF file that covers the same material.

Found a whole Google page of references to swine flu as a hoax. Haven't checked them out but here's the page.