Monday, October 6, 2008

A few political videos etc.

I'm glad there are people out there who are collecting and keeping track of this information and there's a lot more of it to be found in the conservative blogs that the mainstream media ignores.

In this video actor Jon Voight has the guts to tell a CNN reporter, very nicely, that the press is biased and shouldn't be. The reporter in fact shows that very bias in his defensive attempt to shut up Voight and argue him down.

At this blog catch the "mistake" Obama made, when he spoke of "my Muslim faith" and was "corrected" by the interviewer: It's the second video in the line of five across the top. The blog is run by an avid Sarah Palin fan and the series of videos farther down are of Palin's talk in Carson, California (on Oct 4th I think). The first one is interesting, where a feminist Democrat introduces her.

The next one is a video collection of quotes mostly from Joe Biden but also Obama, showing odd mistakes and some interesting plagiarism. Scroll down to Say It Ain't So, Joe.

And here's a great piece of speech-writing for Sarah Palin about what needs to get said in the campaign that hasn't yet been said clearly or loudly enough.