Thursday, January 19, 2012

The idolatry of human feelings must be repented of, in the heaven stories and in 9/11 if we want God's blessings

Another thing I think I have to say today is that I've been realizing I haven't gone far enough on the "heaven" stories or the attack of 9/11. I've been waffling on the majority reaction of people that puts all the emphasis on the suffering people, on the boys who had the heaven experiences because they almost died so we must first of all soothe the feelings of those involved, think of it as God's mercy that they have been spared and so on, and on the victims of 9/11 RATHER THAN GOD'S CLAIMS ON US.

Yes, I know I'm committing one of the biggest sins in the eyes of the world by saying this, but I'd rather that than commit the worse sin of giving in to mere human fleshly sentimentality while slighting the Lord. If God isn't greatest in all our thoughts, if He isn't the Beloved of our hearts, if we put ANYTHING above Him, we are committing adultery/idolatry against Him.

No, the victims of 9/11 should NOT be our first consideration, though I've allowed myself to say that they should because it's the popular attitude.

God's will should always be our first consideration and in the case of 9/11 what we SHOULD have done, even those who lost loved ones, is GET DOWN ON OUR KNEES AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE US FOR THE SINS THAT DESERVED THAT JUDGMENT FROM HIM.

And with the heaven stories, there too the feelings of the parents, and the sufferings of their children that led to their having these visions, are put ahead of the fact that the heaven stories are bogus for all kinds of reasons. They are lies and they are deceiving God's people and that is far and away what should matter to us most. It's a great sin to put concern for a family's suffering above the effect of the lies they are promoting, that influence other people against the true God. And that is what we should say to the family as well. The heaven stories are lies from the devil that mislead people about the nature of God and Christ. The devil has no compunctions about exploiting children in the service of his lies, but we shouldn't allow him to play on our feelings when the more important thing is that his lies be exposed and denounced.

Such feelings are an idolatry, and part of the reason God is allowing us to be subjected to such deceptions as the heaven stories.

We can and should commiserate in private with those who suffered in 9/11 but a public event that influences people in the wrong direction is what needs to be the target of public concern. On 9/11 preachers all over the country got up and assured everybody that this was NOT God's judgment, and denounced those few who rightly called it that. They expressed in some cases a great deal of moral indignation in the service of concern for the victims and against the concerns of God Himself who was warning us of judgment on the entire nation of America. Those pastors need to repent before God and the nation. Christians should go to the memorial services for the victims, hurt with the hurting, be a strength for those who suffer, BUT THE MESSAGE OF 9/11 IS NOT ABOUT THE VICTIMS AS SUCH, it is that there will be many many MANY more victims and the loss of a once-great nation that God had blessed mightily for years, if God's judgment warning is ignored!


Jesus said we must put nothing and nobody above Him, we must even hate our own family if they take His place in our hearts.

Human sentiment rises up against such a teaching, but human sentiment is the problem and we must not follow it.

Yes, I am repenting here of my own succumbing to the putting of human sentiment above God.

Even if the devil himself -- the Pope in this case -- preaches true morality, we cannot follow him

I've wanted to keep Jonathan Cahn's message about 9/11 uppermost on my blog, but along came this email today from an organization I thought I could trust, Traditional Values Coalition, that it turns out I can't trust, and it's important enough to comment on it here. Possibly I just hadn't looked into them far enough in the first place.


Here are excerpts from the message I got from them:
Today Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops of the United States on their “ad limina” visit, expressed grave concern over the powerful new cultural currents “which are not only directly opposed to core moral teachings of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but increasingly hostile to Christianity as such.

The Pope pleaded with American bishops, and the broader American people, to uphold and be vocal about the unchanging moral truths which are the keys to real happiness and social prosperity.

Calling on the church universal, Pope Benedict said, “With her long tradition of respect for the right relationship between faith and reason, the Church has a critical role to play in countering cultural currents which, on the basis of an extreme individualism, seek to promote notions of freedom detached from moral truth.”

Today, as we reflect on the words of this great religious leader, we also remember
the words of the prophet Isaiah, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” This is what we are seeing in America. A complete removal and in some case reversal of the moral truths we have known for millennia to promote and provide for the social good!

We, the Church, have a role to play in preventing the reversal of moral truths in America. ...

We join with Pope Benedict XVI in calling upon the American Church to rise up and realize the grave threats our moral witness is facing! ...

May we be that Church together.
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! THE ROMAN CHURCH IS NO PART OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH AT ALL, and true Christians CANNOT join with them! How clever of the devil to have the Pope say things that we must agree with. But joining with the Pope even on valid and important Christian concerns is NOT an option.

The true Church must repent, that's for sure, must turn back from the moral relativism and moral equivalence we've fallen into under the influence of the world. This pastor (yes, he's a pastor) is quite right that the churches have been giving moral ground, even calling evil good and good evil just as the world does, but no way can we join with a Pope on this or any other issue. No no no no no. Romanism is a major wing of the Antichrist system that is expanding daily. Let's not feed this beast.

America's churches DO NEED TO REPENT, but Romanism IS NOT CHRISTANITY and this organization is making a HUGE mistake as unfortunately way too many true Christians have been doing over the last few years and decades. Billy Graham for instance. Evangelicals we thought we could trust but cannot.


Here's what I wrote them:
Dear TVC:
I've appreciated your messages until now. I cannot join you in celebrating a Pope, who represents the antichrist system that the Reformers knew the papacy to be, of the institution that murdered so many true believers down the centuries, and that officially denies the truth of salvation by faith alone and keeps their office of the Inquisition alive as well. Sometimes he says things we agree with but so does the devil We should never join with him in any way, support him in any way, publicly applaud him in any way. If true Christians can't make the right moral statements apart from the Pope woe be to us. This matters more than ANYTHING else you do.

Sorry I can no longer support you.
I'm glad I received this message today, though, because as I've prayed and hoped for the churches to become aware of Jonathan Cahn's prophetic message I've also worried that the Catholic Church could run with something like this and confuse many, or the Mormon "church" or many others who falsely call themselves Christians.

There are lots of nice well-meaning people in all those organizations, sure, but they are deceived and blind, they carry the poison of antichrist, all of them, the devil presenting himself as an angel of light as scripture says.

They need to LEAVE those institutions. COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, SAYS THE LORD.

No no no no no, they deny the true way of salvation, they lead people to Hell, and they are well on their way to forming the final one-world religious system that will rule the world under the Antichrist when the time comes, which must be very very soon. If we join with them on ANY topic we happen to agree about we deny our Lord and lend support to the devil.

They are part of what the nation needs to repent OF.

WE HAVE BEEN MISSING GOD'S JUDGMENT WARNING OF 9/11 and all His judgments that have been hitting America since then too. It is judgment in itself that the churches are morally compromised as we are. It is judgment in itself that we have a Mormon as the Republican frontrunner for the Presidency, that we have a corrupted Supreme Court, that we have a miserable Leftist government in general. ALL THAT IS GOD'S JUDGMENT AGAINST AMERICA ALREADY, BECAUSE WE HAVE FALLEN AWAY FROM GOD FOR SO LONG. THE ONLY WAY WE COULD POSSIBLY GET STRAIGHTENED OUT IS IF THE TRUE CHURCHES AND ONLY THE TRUE CHURCHES -- AND HUGE NUMBERS OF THEM, JOIN IN SPIRIT AND REPENT FOR OUR SINS AND THE NATION'S SINS.