Friday, September 5, 2014

People Still Fall for the Heaven Stories

It's beginning to seem that a major proof that we are in the last of the last days is the phenomenal success of the many books about people's experiences of "heaven," and in some cases also Hell.

I was reminded of the popularity of these stories as I was walking out of the grocery store a few days ago with a couple of people behind me talking about the book Heaven Is For Real, what it costs at that store and where to go to get a better deal on it. Their interest is probably due to the recent movie based on that book. With that much popularity I thought I should write a brief update on the subject since I've got a few posts of my own on it here that I hope steer people to the truth about such things.

When I wrote my posts on that subject it never occurred to me that they would become the topic that attracts far and away the most comments I get at my blogs. I still get comments on those posts.

Many of the comments are of course negative, especially when it comes to the experiences of small children. How can I suggest that small children could be so deceived? The idea seems to be that children are too innocent for the devil to exploit them. But of course the devil has no qualms about whom he exploits, whatever works to deceive us is all that matters to him, and apparently we are a gullible lot, even Christians sad to say. Some of the books were of course written by Christians, and I do mean genuine believers, who even claim the experiences do not contradict the Bible.

By now it should be clear that they do contradict the Bible. I've tried to collect that evidence here, but there are many other sources out there, including the sermon by a pastor I linked here, but also in particular John MacArthur's ministry Grace to You, for instance HERE and HERE.  [Just for the record, I don't see that there's any reason to suspect that these stories are the product of imagination or hallucination, I think there's reason to believe that they are genuine experiences that can only be demonic deceptions.]

I don't want to review the arguments in this post, there's enough in the posts I've written already, and there are many comments to those posts people can read as well. This is just a reminder for anyone who still has questions.