Friday, December 2, 2016

Attention, President-Elect Trump: The Bill for Building the Wall Should be Sent to the Vatican

Here's an interview with an ex-CIA agent objecting to Trump's plan to curtail illegal immigration, on the ground that this would be keeping out members of the world's greatest monotheism, by which of course he means Roman Catholics.  Which the CIA would of course object to because they are basically a Roman Catholic organization, an arm of the Vatican.  Bet you didn't know that.

There's a book you can get that describes how the Roman Church interferes with and actively promotes the movement of millions of illegal aliens into the US:  American Democracy and the Vatican:  Population Growth and National Security, by Stephen D. Mumford which discusses many facets of population growth* but also the effect of illegal immigration in America.   It's an old book, published in 1984, already talking about the effects of massive illegal immigration that can only escalate if it is not stopped, so how far into it are we now?  The book is available at various places on the web, even free at Mumford's site.  Read Chapter 2 about how the Catholic Church is the main obstacle to doing anything about illegal immigration. 

Not just interfering with preventing it, "the Catholic Church actively encourages illegal Mexican immigration."  

It's tempting to copy out the entire chapter. Well, I'll copy some of it. Remember, this was written in 1984.
Our government is addressing itself to dealing effectively with this problem of illegal immigration ... those efforts are systematically negated by the posture of the Roman Catholic Church leadership, which has organized opposition to an adequate response to halt the invasion of illegal aliens. If the [RCC] were to withdraw from this political arena, most remaining opposition would be vitiated. During Pope John Paul II's visit to the United States in Octore 1979 he campaigned for the right of illegal aliens to migrate at will to the United States. He made his stand on this issue clear to American politicians and labor unions, the American Catholic hierarchy, the news media, and other sectors. It is estimated that over 90 percent of all illegal aliens coming into the United States are Roman Catholics. The [RCC] dpes mpt recognize national boundaries and national sovereignty. There is but one world -- a Catholic world -- and it has no boundaries.
The move to globalization we've been witnessing for the last few decades is a movement to tear down all borders. This is what the EU has been doing in the project to turn Europe into a Muslim enclave. The Left is the loudest advocate of tearing down borders, and the Left that propagandizes in favor of illegal immigration in the US and against Donald Trump's promise to erect a wall. But behind it all is the Vatican. The One World Religion Bible believers expect to emerge with the global government will most surely be headed by the Vatican. The prophesied Antichrist himself is very likelyt to be a Pope. It's amazing how this view of the Pope as Antichrist which was the conclusion of all the Protestant reformers has been suppressed over the last few centuries.  (The Pope may find a Muslim Europe hard to control in the end but for now the idea is to destroy it, and I'm sure they think they have some kind of deal worked out anyway.)

Also the underhanded work of the Catholic order of the Jesuits, which used to be hated and frequently expelled from European nations. Our second President John Adams wrote about the danger he saw coming when the Jesuits were again allowed to move freely. We've lost all this knowledge. Anyway, back to the chapter: (By the way I've been substituting [RCC} for the word Church because it's not a church, it's a monolithic totalitarian Antichristian political ideology that aims to rule to the world. No, rank and file Catholics know nothing of this and may even oppose much of the RCC's political activity. They need to wake up and join the fight against the papal monstrosity.)
The [RCC] created and maintains a nationwide network of centers devoted to locating and assisting illegal aliens to circumvent the immigration laws of the land. These centers have been described in widely distributed pamphlets and have been advertised on Spanish language radio stations. In one such spot an announcement aired on a station in our nation's capital, our former director of the Imkmigration and Naturalization Service urged illegal aliens to use these centers. One lengthy handbook in Spanish, El Otro Lado, a guide for illegal aliens states that assistance can be obtained from a church in any Catholic diocese, thus suggesting that all Catholic churches participate in the network.
The handbook also directs them to taxpayer-funded free Legal Aid for help in fighting deportation. The author of the book says that it's a felony to aid or harbor an illegal alien. Is this still the law or has our indefatigable anti-American Jesuit-run Left removed it? The book makes it clear that American Catholics for the most part oppose illegal immigration as hazardous to the economy. The chapter goes on detailing the many ways the Vatican manipulates American politics to promote illegal immigration and interfere with efforts to curtail it. The book is generally about the RCC's refusal to support any kind of population-limiting efforts across the world. This is of course doctrine-based but the goal is to flood the world with Catholics so that the Vatican can rule the world, as it once did the "Holy Roman Empire." I wish more people would become aware of the information that's out there about the subversive work of the Vatican against all nations, and especially the work of the Jesuits.  The information tends to be old because such information has been suppressed since early in the 20th century, but it's possible to find quite a bit of it.  I've listed many books on the subject in the right hand margin of my Catholicism blog.

Hillary chose a Jesuit for her Vice President, and much was made of his Jesuit training as something to be proud of. The Jesuits used to be known for their assassinations and manipulations of European kings, and especially for their twisting of morality to justify anything they want to do. Blaise Pascal wrote a satire of this characteristic. There is no doubt they are promoting such thinking in the schools where they teach. Bill Clinton was taught by Jesuits at Jesuit Georgetown University. They have the reputation for providing an excellent education. They also provide the undermining of morality -- "the ends justify the means" is big with them, as it is in the Rules for Radicals  concocted by Saul Alinsky, Hillary's mentor. All Machiavellian methods of acquiring power. They have no respect for free speech or anything American, they just want to run it all for their own purposes.

So, Mr. Trump, it's the Vatican you should send the bill to for the wall you are going to build. The Mexican President too, but primarily the Vatican.

* The book strongly endorses abortion as a necessary means to population control, and of course I oppose abortion as murder.  Other means of birth control have to be emphasized.  However, the Vatican opposes all of the effective ones, and it tends to be Protestants who use birth control methods and Catholics and Muslims who don't, so their populations are going to increase while Protestants decrease.  There are lots of problems involved in this, obviously.