Friday, April 27, 2012

Poor poor England

How incredibly sad to see the wonderful achievements of historical Protestantism against the viciousness of Rome casually overturned these days, achievements bought at the price of martyrdoms. Just gut-wrenchingly sad. Of course I'm listening to more from Chris Pinto, where else would I learn this stuff? This is from his radio show of October 31st of last year, Pope on the Move.

If you know anything at all about the price paid by the Protestants in England, for instance the stories of those who were burned at the stake for their refusal to abandon their faith, Latimer and Ridley for instance, that glorious testimony of courage and faith, it is just heartbreaking to realize how it is all being treated as insignificant or even disbelieved because of Catholic propaganda.

The Inquisition itself is denied today as propagandists of the same spirit as Holocaust Deniers (even to Jesuitical influence) declare it really didn't happen or wasn't much after all, that the millions tortured and killed were "really" only a few thousand or so.

And now an edict against the marriage of a Catholic to an English monarch has been overturned and how many of us have any idea of the significance of this event in the light of history? I certainly didn't. That ban is now treated as merely an expression of religious discrimination when in reality it was intended to end the bloody cruelties of the Catholic monarchs.
They still hold on to a shred of the original intent of the ban since they haven't yet allowed the monarch him or herself to BE a Catholic. But Rome requires that children of mixed marriages be raised Catholic so the lifting of the ban is really a much bigger victory for the Antichrist than it may first seem to be.

Of course they tell you the Protestants were just as bad, that's always the comeback, and no doubt many of the rank and file of Catholics actually believe that although the higher-ups know better. You really have to know the history to be able to answer such charges and so few of us know any of this history. Also, these days England isn't just Catholics and Protestants but atheists who know even less and care not at all and think all religious opinions are just silly and meaningless anyway. So the historical reasons for the ban on royal marriage with a Catholic, to prevent Rome from gaining power in England and bringing back the Inquisition, have been lightly discarded and now it's only a matter of time before the momentum of this "liberal" mood allows the monarch him or herself to be a Catholic, and then England will have given itself over completely to the destruction of what was once its true greatness.

And another bit of this undoing of English history I've recently been hearing about has to do with something called Guy Fawke's Day which according to Pinto has been an English celebration of a failed plot since 1605 called the Gunpowder Plot, when Catholic Guy Fawkes failed in his mission to blow up the English Parliament as part of the ongoing war against Protestantism. Not only is the historical meaning of the event as a Catholic attack on Protestantism no longer appreciated but some are turning this around to make Fawkes out to be the hero of some kind of concocted story about civil rights. Have the English all forgotten their own history? Of course again the atheists couldn't care less about a mere religious quarrel. They're sure Guy Fawkes and Catholicism should be put on a par with Protestantism but of course atheism rules anyway.

That's how it's all going down these days. The prevailing propaganda is that all religions are created equal and to put one above another is just "intolerance" and "arrogance" and "bigotry."

Well, they WILL learn the truth eventually but meanwhile all this is terribly terribly sad and is going to get murderous too. And Rome doesn't like atheists either.