Monday, November 14, 2016

Trust not in horses and chariots but put all trust in God and PRAY

Far as I can see, the Leftists ARE the Fascists.  They are the ones who want to force their views on everybody else, force us to toe their line, who lie and manipulate and create propaganda to put blame on their opponents.  All the signs right now are that it's the Left that is making up the stories about Trump supporters committing racial violence.  There isn't any violence from the Trump side, it's all fabricated by the Left, all "false flag" lies.  I asked for proof in the last post but there is no proof.  The proof, the video evidence, shows Leftists attacking Trump supporters and whites.  I'm not saying some Trump supporters couldn't do such things but the evidence is not there, the evidence says it's the Left that is doing it all. 

The election was rigged by the Democrats too.  Why is this information confined to the alternative media?

The protestors are also brought in on buses, paid by Leftists such as billionaire Soros.  I don't know why more isn't made of this fact too.  There are pictures of the buses but there needs to be more.  Shouldn't we be peppering the MSM with this information and evidence?  Otherwise they just stay in their isolated Leftist-defined caves.

And now there are people on Trump's side warning about more false flag events such as some Leftist nut shooting into a crowd of protestors and blaming it on the Right.  They are openly calling for the murder of Trump and the rape of Melania.  What a bunch of disgusting barbarians.  This sort of thing is NOT AMERICAN, this IS the sort of thing the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, do.  Sheer evil. 

I suppose half the country has no clue about any of this.  They are buying the lying propaganda, believing it's the people on Trump's side who are doing such things because that's what the MSM is telling them.  You have to pay attention to the alternative media to get the truth.  Drudge Report, Breitbart, Infowars. 

SO.  There isn't much mere human beings can do against such things.  We have to trust God to keep such evil plans from succeeding.  Pray for the exposure of the lies, for the truth to reach people who are right now deceived by the lies, pray for protection of those targeted by the manipulators, pray that sanity will prevail, but pray pray pray.