Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Sketch of Jesuitism

I mentioned in the previous post that John Adams had lamented the restoration of the Jesuits after years of being banished by the Pope and many European nations.   He uses strong language:  "a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism [and] death. ,,. If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of Ignatius de Loyola."  

Here's the whole quote, which I had to assemble from different websites that only quote part of it:
My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written, but it is supported by unquestionable authorities, [and] is very particular and very horrible. Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII] is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism, [and] death. … I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits. Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gypsies can assume, dressed as painters, publishers, writers, and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of [Ignatius de] Loyola. Nevertheless, we are compelled by our system of religious toleration to offer them an asylum.
Today in America we hear only good things about the Jesuits.  If you pay attention you will find they are everywhere in positions of influence and power.  That is a rather disconcerting fact to anybody who knows anything about their history, recently acquired knowledge in my case, which I described in my post Waking Up Among Wolves.  It's a startling experience to say the least.  It's a bit of that history I want to quote here from J.A. Wylie's section on the Jesuits from his History of Protestantism.

He is writing this in 1881, when apparently the Jesuits were entering Scotland:
The influx into our country of an order of men whose principle is the negation of all principle, and whose moral code is the subversion of the moral law, forms, in the author's humble judgment, a source of no small danger to the nation. 
Cast out of all kingdoms for their execrable maxims and their treasonable practices, the Jesuits bestow themselves upon us....  They come to pursue in their new home the intrigues which drew upon them expulsion from their old... to be done to counteract the evils sure to arise from the presence of men who have always and everywhere been the disturbers of the public peace?  We can but expose their arts, and put the unwary on their guard...  
They call themselves the 'Companions of Jesus.'  The name is but 'the sheep's clothing.'  ...Their teaching is 'the doctrine of devils,' and their deeds are the work of 'Apollyon, the Destroyer.' ...  To humble and cripple our empire is a first object with the Jesuits at this hour.  'They aim... to subjugate and rule...'    
God raised up Britain and gave her greatness beyond the measure of all former empires.  For what end?  That she might subserve the interests of the Gospel, as embodied in Protestantism.  This is our first duty as a nation.  The neglect of it is our first sin, no matter what other duties we make ourselves busy about.  The laws of God's providence being what they are, we cannot retain our supremacy, or, it may be, even our existence, and neglect our great mission....
So now they've lost their supremacy, and if their Muslim population continues to grow, their existence will certainly also be threatened.  Once they come under Muslim rule, that's the end of Britain.  And the same thing is happening in Europe.  Don't they see it happening?  On the surface this doesn't suggest the machinations of the Jesuits, but a bit of knowledge of their history suggests that it would be strange if they weren't involved.  Just as the Vatican has been manipulating our southern border they have certainly been manipulating the politics of Europe toward the European Union which they expect to dominate.  And the Jesuits are their foot soldiers.  Jesuits trained Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Fidel Castro, and a Jesuit probably wrote Hitler's Mein Kampf; an RC priest intentionally incited the Rwanda massacre in a series of radio broadcasts;  and the Vietnam War was called by some [Cardinal] Spellman's War, and in any case is properly understood to have been a Catholic-engineered war. [From the Publisher's Forward:  "It was all engineered by the Whore and her Jesuits."]   See any trends here? 

Resuming Wylie's The Jesuits:
The Jesuits were called into existence to stem and, if possible, roll back the tide of the Reformation.   Advancing over all opposition, this great religious revival, [the Reformation], not yet half a century old, had acquired a strength and a breadth truly amazing.  ...In a marvelously short period, the night... had been chased away, and a countless multitude of men, of cities, and of nations, were rejoicing in the light of the new day.  [At the end of its sweep through Europe, only two countries,] Italy and Spain, now remained with the Pope.
To repeat the point, the Jesuits dedicated themselves to destroying the Protestant Reformation. That's their whole reason for existence. Loyola saw his job as subjugating the entire world to the Pope after the loss of Europe to the Protestants. There is no reason to think their objective has changed. It was their aim when they made themselves advisers to the rulers of Protestant European countries and tutors to their children, and it's their aim from positions of power in America too, especially as teachers of the next generation in their universities.  They also eventually made themselves obnoxious enough to the Catholic countries to be thrown out of them. 
The Reformers went to the source of truth in the scriptures, and ...led Christianity forward into the light..; so, in like manner did the Romanists l... [disclose] to the world the blackness and deformity of Popery, and the tremendous destructive power that is wrapped up in it.  Loyola....  helped to this issue. 
In other words, Jesuitism has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity, and neither does the papacy; it's all a religion of the flesh aided by the demonic spirits, and not the Holy Spirit of God, just as is Islam and all the other religions of the world.  Over the centuries up to Loyola the Roman Church had been accumulating more and more pagan practices and superstitions and jettisoning the spiritual teachings of the Bible, torturing and murdering those who lived by the Bible instead of their man-made rules.  [This is spelled out in the book The History of Romanism.]  The Pope eventually ruled over the monarchies of the "Holy Roman Empire" of Europe.  After the Reformation the Jesuits became their agents of intrigue to destroy the "heresy" of Protestantism that had brought those monarchs out from under their rule, all in the attempt to restore the Pope over it all.  When the New World was being settled, Jesuits were sent to take the country for Rome.  The Protestants  who settled here saw their mission as preventing that from happening [this is explicitly stated in early documents].

As Adams is quoted to say above, the Jesuits are masters of all "guises," selected and trained to fit any calling known to humanity, for the purpose of furthering the power ambition of Rome while pretending to be something completely unrelated to Rome's interests.   It is a genuine conspiracy, not just somebody's "conspiracy theory."  Wylie lays out the methods of an amazing organization that is structured to place its members all over the globe, each chosen to carry out a particular mission of subversion of the people to Rome.  They excel at gaining the confidence of kings and presidents, as advisors and confessors, and as teachers of the young, and at plots to assassinate those they can't subvert.  The stories that confirm these things are in many books, in Wylie as well as others.  Today they have acquired even more trust and popularity and therefore more influence than ever. 

The Jesuits are particularly famous for their morality of defeating all morality by casuistic reasoning.  
Their Tomes contain a system of ethical and theological science such as the world never saw before, and such as it can never see surpassed or even repeated. Here are sophisms, prevarications, subtle distinguos, logical spells and incantations, pleas, justifications, and a vast variety of inventions wherewith if a man arm himself, and know to use them aright there is nothing which he may not do. He may change falsehood into truth, convert villainies into virtues, violate every precept of the Decalogue, and yet contract no guilt; commit the most abominable and monstrous deeds and yet suffer no pollution and feel no remorse; swear and yet not bind himself; in short, he can banish virtue and vice from the world....[Wylie goes on to spell out amusingly sarcastically many of their maxims, including three principal maxims that are too lengthy for me to copy and too complicated for me to paraphrase easily:  "The ends justify the means" is the first, followed by "Probabilism"  in which the "probability" that an action is moral or not is parsed out to absurdity until it is rendered acceptable no matter how clearly it violates commonsense morality;  and "Intention" by which any evil act may be made morally acceptable by simply directing one's intention elsewhere while performing the act.   You can commit murder with a clear conscience by simply meditating on something holy while committing the act. Or something like that.]
 Wylie gives examples of their reasoning as it is used to completely undermine each of the Ten Commandments and justify its exact opposite.
As regards the doctrine of sin, the Jesuits, while retaining the word, have taken away the thing.... As regards calumny [lying slander] a wide margin indeed is allowed.
[quoting from Jesuit writing] It was maintained in the public Theses of Levain, in 1645, that 'it is only a venial sin to calumniate and impose false crimes, to ruin their credit who speak ill of us.' 'That it is not any mortal sin to calumniate falsely, to preserve one's honor, is no doubt a probable opinion' says Caramuel, 'for it is maintained by above twenty grave doctors, by Gaspar Hutrado, &c., so that, if this doctrine be not probable there is hardly such in all the body of divinity.'
As regards promises, the Jesuit teaching provides that one may keep or break them as one has a mind.
'Promises oblige not,' says Molina, 'when a man hathg no intention to engage himself when he makes them ....
Sanchez has taught a doctrine which must administer great relief to all prevaricators.
It is permitted to use ambiguous terms, leading people to understand them in another sense from that in which we understand them ourselves.
...It is hard to say what limits the Fathers have put on homicide, murder, and assassination, or whether they have put any.
...By the universal consent of the casuists, it is lawful to kill our calumniator, if there be no other way of averting the affront.["Again"] ...Priests and monks may lawfully prevent those who would injure them by calumnies from carrying their ill design into effect, by putting them to death
Then there is a section on justifying killing "heretical" kings while claiming to abhor regicide.

Perhaps that is enough to give a general portrait of the character and mission of the "Society of Jesus." Oh, that reminds me, despite their name, it is Mary, not Jesus, they particularly honor.

Has some features in common with Islam, doesn't it?  The right to lie to "infidels" for instance, and the right to break treaties with "infidels," although they don't hedge these about with such complex rationalizations as the Jesuits do theirs.