Saturday, April 21, 2012

Religious Liberty is an attack on Christian Liberty

Here we've been, Bible-believing Christians, for years thanking God for this liberty under the American Constitution and never suspecting that it is not really the protection we've taken it to be.

Oh it has seemed to be for a very long time, but that's only because the nation WAS predominantly Christian for that time. Now that our numbers are diminishing and this farcical notion of "liberty" has multiplied the enemies of Christ, and God's truth is being aggressively attacked in America, its true colors can perhaps be better recognized.

I for one have pondered the puzzle that this "liberty" has been allowing the enemies of God more freedom than true religious liberty should, but I interpreted this as due to today's politically correct misreading of its intent by our contemporary advocates of a malleable Constitution.

Then a year or so ago I saw a quote from one of the founding fathers, George Washington I'm pretty sure, specifically naming the religion of Islam as given freedom under this American provision. I didn't know quite what to do with this disturbing information, conditioned as I have been for so long to thinking the original intent of the First Amendment was to protect Christianity.

Protecting Islam, however, is the same thing as authorizing the wolf to eat the lamb, effectively destroying any real political liberty for Christians.  Not yet, of course, but just wait until the tide shifts and Christianity is marginalized enough in this country for the other religions to gain power.  They will not be as tolerant of their competitors as this once-Christian nation has been toward them.

I wondered if Washington was simply naive as so many these days are, treating all religions as equal. Whatever his conscious intent, however, it was clear that he was selling us out with a statement like that, turning Christians and the nation itself over to the wolves, and putting our current crop of Constitutional revisionists more in tune with the nation's founders than Christians.

It did begin to occur to me that our founders possibly intentionally sold us out, but I'm no historian and I just wouldn't be able to read enough in the original writings of that era to find out one way or the other.

All this has been coming more into focus for me finally thanks to Chris Pinto's films and radio shows. Pinto IS a historian who does read thoroughly in the original documents in order to get the full picture, and American Christians should all be learning from his work and thanking God for him.

Yes, they sold us out. Intentionally. They were not Christians, they were in fact haters of Christianity.

I knew Adams was a Unitarian and that Jefferson denied the supernatural truth of the gospel, and I think I had even heard that Washington refused to take Communion in his Anglican church, and I'd even been startled to read of one preacher from that era who specifically said that the founders had dealt treacherously with the Church of Christ. But in spite of all that I could never draw the reasonable conclusion but let it all sink down under a fog of confusion. These men were not only not Christians but unfriendly to Christianity, but it has been hard to see this clearly because there has been so much propaganda against such a conclusion.

David Barton is the main source of this kind of propaganda, as Pinto has been revealing, David Barton who has had such a strong impact on American Christians to the point of deserving credit -- or as I see it now, blame -- for a great deal of the political focus of the Christian Right. When we should have been affirming the gospel against the devices of the world and the devil we've been trying to reinstate a worldly institution that in its essence works against the gospel.

The main thing I've been learning from Pinto which I never would have been able to learn on my own, or from any other Christian teacher out there that I know of, is that the Roman Church through the Jesuit order was behind the concept of religious liberty, that its whole point was to overthrow Protestant strictures against Catholic influence in their communities, and ultimately to put the Catholic Church in a position to impose the rule of the Pope on the whole society.
Pinto gets into all this in many of his radio programs, but try this one on Freemasonry in the Church #3 of May 5, 2011
Liberating Catholicism is liberating the slyest and cruelest wolf of them all to eat the lamb of true Christianity. After tenderizing it on the rack and in the iron maiden of course. Interesting that the last Antichrist, Hitler, brought back some of the torture devices of the Inquisition, showing the spirit of Catholicism behind Nazism even in that form.

On the way to bringing all under the Pope they also -- inadvertently? -- liberated the similarly power-hungry religion of Islam with its own agenda to bring the world under Sharia Law.

And don't forget that Mormonism also has ambitions to bring the nation under their rule.

Not to mention that orthodox Judaism also has a rather paranoid desire to undermine Christianity, thanks largely to the common confusion of Catholicism with Christianity and very probably some Jesuitical encouragement there too.

Lotsa wolves out there after the lamb of truth.

Odd perhaps that what just came to mind was the immortal sputtering of that cartoon cat whose identity escapes me: "What a revoltin' development." Totally wrong tone there.

Oh I don't know. Reality often seems like some sort of tragic farce.

Oh, Sylvester the cat, right? Or was that Daffy Duck? No, I'm sure he lithped and spluttered, must have been Sylvester.

Please please come soon, Lord Jesus.

Wow, Pinto says the Holocaust was directly modeled on the Inquisition, and designed by the Jesuits. He gets into this in his radio show for May 11, 2011.