Friday, February 17, 2012

Cahn's message does take some thought

If people would just THINK ABOUT the message of the harbingers they'd have to recognize that there's no way to discredit it. It's direct from God. People could not have done this even with the most conscious intention to do so (and nobody could have such an intention anyway because it's a message of God's judgment against America), but it's clear from the facts that nobody had a clue what they were doing as they unwittingly contributed to this message from God.

I understand that some people don't have the energy or the will or in some cases perhaps the ability to think carefully about the information that's been given, but most people ought to be able to with just a little exertion. It's a simple matter of recognizing:
that Israel was attacked by an enemy and so was America on 9/11; (Cahn gives reasons to think today's terrorists may be related by blood to those ancient Assyrians too)

Israel's buildings were destroyed and so was the WTC in America;

Israel's sycamore trees were cut down in the attack, and a highly symbolic sycamore tree in America was cut down on 9/11;

Israel vowed to replace their fallen bricks with buildings made of strong quarried stone; America brought in a gigantic quarried stone to be the cornerstone of our rebuilding project.

Israel vowed to replce their fallen sycamore trees with sturdier cedars. America actually replaced our downed symbolic sycamore with a symbolic conifer tree of the same family as the cedar.

Israel VOWED to rebuild in this way; So did America and in a highly official way too, through speeches by the Senate Majority Leader actually declaring the policy for the entire nation in response to 9/11 and by another member of Congress three years later as well, both actually quoting this very verse of scripture, misunderstanding it.
How much thinking does that take really?

And again there is lots more to this revelation that I've spelled out in earlier posts and Jonathan Cahn spells out far more systematically in his talks and his book, but I just have to keep repeating the bare basics.


Some will argue that America is not God's nation the way ancient Israel was, or even not a Christian nation at all, but whatever you think of those arguments the fact is that God Himself seems to be saying something rather different through these irrefutable harbingers that connect America with ancient Israel. There is no arguing with such things so clearly done by the hand of God, yet I've run across that argument being insisted upon. Which is only because the person did not think through the evidence as I say above.

If the particulars of Isaiah 9:10 that apply to both nations aren't sufficient to make the connection, the fact that Ground Zero turns out to be the very ground on which America was dedicated to God --by our very first governing body led by George Washingon-- as well as the ground where God let down His protection -- ought to open some eyes. Truly Ground Zero in many senses of the term.

It's a warning from God. Ten years have already passed during which we've already experienced economic judgment, and coming judgment continues to simmer away. Will Christians rally to the call or not?