Sunday, November 2, 2014

So, Houston, are you prepared for a crash landing?

So we're getting some action.  That's what I wanted isn't it?  Pastors uniting behind the Houston pastors as well as behind the Christian businesses who are being harassed by gay rights activists.  So they've organized a gathering today for the purpose, called I Stand Sunday at 6 PM Central time.

For some years now there has also been a yearly gathering of pastors in protest of the IRS' requirement that they can't make political statements from the pulpit, or lose their tax-exempt status,  called Pulpit Freedom Sunday.  In fact, if I understood correctly, it was this year's Pulpit Freedom Sunday in early October that was the provocation for the Houston mayor's subpoena.

All this sounds good, you'd think it would make me happy, but all it does is raise questions in my mind.  Are Catholics part of these events?  They are advertised as "nondenominational" which often suggests something ecumenical, and if that is the case the whole project is doomed.

But another problem is that one of the Houston Five pastors is a woman.  I cringe at having to object but I have to object.  No wonder the churches are having a hard time, we're under judgment.  You can't have women pastors, that's against God's word.  You can't be a woman pastor and you can't stand with a woman pastor.  I suspect she's very gifted for what she considers to be her calling, it looks like she has a big Hispanic church, and she is after all one of the ones who protested the gay mayor's ordinance and got herself subpoenaed, so how can I even think of objecting? 

I've been writing for some time about how we can't have revival, God isn't going to bless us, if we are in disobedience to Him, and that's the case with allowing women pastors.  Isn't that only too obvious?  But they are having these meetings and expecting God to bless them when they are in disobedience?  Or are they even appealing to God in any serious way? Looks like a lot of fleshly work from here, and that certainly can't succeed.

I don't know if Catholics or other nonChristian bodies are included, so far I haven't found any information on that, but that would certainly be another reason for the failure of any such gathering.  Do you really think you can push back the gay agenda while you're actively denying God?

I'll try to watch the gathering today, wish I could think better of its prospects.