Thursday, November 24, 2016

Status Report on the War Between Good and Evil

After he is inaugurated Donald Trump is expected to receive an invitation to meet the Queen of England some time next year.

I'm SO glad she hasn't yet been succeeded by Charles, who would/will be an absolute disaster for England with his multicultural views of religion that embrace both Islam and Catholicism.   I'm not sure what the Queen herself believes,  but thanks to Henry the Eighth the monarch is the head of the Church of England, and she has always had the reputation of putting her duty as monarch above all else.  Charles has been reported to want to change the monarch's title from "Defender of the Faith" to "Defender of faiths."  THAT is scary.  Poor England, to have lost the reason for its former strength in its illustrious faithful Protestants.  Don't know William's beliefs, I hope they aren't as scary as his father's. 

Recently I watched the first season of the Netflix series, The Crown, which is about Elizabeth's reign. It's no doubt fictionalized, and probably wrong on some points, but the believable and admirable theme is the priority of the Crown itself as the symbol of the nation, to be put above all personal concerns, and Elizabeth is presented as dedicated to that duty.  The series also shows her being schooled as a young girl in the English Constitution, and quoting it as defining the monarch's foremost duty as to God, above the Crown.  (How sad that God was left out of our Constitution.)   But anyway, God is presented as the ruler of the nation above the monarch, a genuinely Protestant point of view, which she as devoted to duty must still uphold.

The recent decision of the people of England to leave the European Union has probably gone some way to protecting the Crown from eventual subjugation under alien government, ultimately ruled by the two major totalitarianisms, Islam and the Roman papacy, entwined with the totalitarian ideology of Communism/Marxism.  The two gigantic religions represent the two legs of the Roman Empire as depicted in the Book of Daniel the Prophet, in Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the statue representing the succession of the empires from Babylon to Rome. 

What's surprising about both Brexit, the English vote to leave the EU, and Trump's winning the American Presidency, is that it suggests that Biblical prophecy of the One World Order has been set back for a time.  It's all been coming together so neatly in line with prophecy that it's even rather shocking to think God is giving us a break from its inexorable march.  If Marine Le Pen wins the Presidency of France there will be three great nations that now have some hope of reclaiming their threatened sovereignty and culture.  I'm not completely sure of Le Pen but Nigel Farage says he's supporting her, which is in her favor.  Maybe poor miserable Sweden will be emboldened by their example to join them, a nation awash in violent alien refugees who rape their women with impunity.  It would be nice to think Germany would join us, because their citizens are also suffering mightily from the violent Muslim population that is being forced on them by Political Correctness/Cultural Marxism.   In Germany this Political Correctness that has poisoned the minds of the leaders of the European Union has even been taking away the apartments and houses of citizens to give them to these foreigners.  This is sheer evil being treated as if it were good.  In France where the Muslim population is very large they have been torching cars in the thousands for years, taking time out occasionally to kill people at work and play. 

And of course all this is because Europe has abandoned its Christian foundations.  They are under judgment by the God they have abandoned who is now abandoning them to their enemies.  The Bible reveals that one of the punishments for turning away from God and God's Law is a nation's being overtaken by foreigners.  This is what is going on in America too.

That being the case, any political victories over this trend have to be short-lived unless there is a great movement back to God.  Then and only then would the judgment be lifted.  How we need a great revival of true Christianity.   Not politics, not counter-violence, just revival, Knee Power.

(I just got a picture in my mind of Queen Elizabeth on her knees before God to intercede for her nation.  What a wonderful thought.  The Crown can and must bow to the King of Kings.  One day all crowns will be flung at His feet.  Then let all Europe and America follow suit.  It makes me cry.)

The fact is that the history of the entire world is outlined in the Bible and without that revelation history is incomprehensible.  From the Fall in Eden the world has been dominated by Satan and his hordes of demons, because he succeeded in turning our first parents against God, winning him the right to rule over us as "the Prince of this world" in Jesus' words.  All the religions of the world are his invention, sometimes containing vague memories of the true God but always twisted into something that keeps the peoples enslaved to the demons.  From the beginning, however, God promised to send a Savior to free us from bondage to the sin that brings God's judgment against us, which also enslaves us to the demons.  This prophecy is repeated in hints throughout the Old Testament until finally He arrived,  God Himself incarnate as a Man, which is what the entire New Testament is about.  He lived the perfect righteous life of a perfectly sinless man, and then chose to die to pay for the sins of those who would believe on Him, to save us from an eternity of punishment for our sins.  He is the only Man who could do that for us, being perfectly sinless.  Although he was God during His life on earth He nevertheless lived and died as a man in order to be the propitiation for human sins. 

That's what Christians believe.  That's what has to be reclaimed if there is any hope of restoring the formerly Christian nations and bringing peace in the world.  If God would permit us a great revival of true Christian faith it would no doubt also convert great numbers of others, such as Muslims and Roman Catholics who aren't saved.
That would be a wonderful reprieve, and the world would be dramatically changed by it, and millions would be rescued from the bondage to Satan. 

But Christianity always deteriorates over time in this fallen world, with the help of Satan of course, so even such a wonderful blessing would eventually come under the devil's influence again.  Prosperity brings complacency, we lose our vigilance, evil takes advantage of us again and again.  Only when Jesus returns to claim His rightful rule over all Creation will Satan be banished and we be freed once and for all from his influence.  We've been watching the prophetic signs of the coming End increasing for some time now, all an accumulation of evil which the Lord's return will put a stop to, a trend which Trump  seems to have interrupted.  The hatred of Trump and his supporters is so furious, irrational, uncivilized, unAmerican, crazed, barbarian, thuggish, murderous, it will be  something of a miracle if he is able to be the President he wants to be for long enough to carry out his promises. 

Even if Trump is God's mercy on us, we still have to repent of our sins, the churches have to reform, we have to pray constantly to maintain the blessing.  That's a lot to ask of us, but what is impossible for us is possible with God, so I'm hoping and praying.  For America to be revived, for the UK, for Europe, for the salvation of millions of the unsaved.  And against the forces of evil which are of course working feverishly every second to destroy as many of us as possible.