Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Fantasy of a Divided America

Chris Pinto's radio show today, The Next Civil War, discusses something many of us have had in the back of our minds for some time, the possibility that this nation really could divide over the political and economic issues that have split us into stark red versus blue on the map.  Meaning actual civil war.  He says it's something he has heard about over the last few years, just as many of us have, and he just met someone who surprised him with his serious talk about the possibility. 

I've often wished we could divide the nation, which isn't a wish for war but for a peaceful division, the atheists and liberals going one way and the Christians the other.   Not a war, just a peaceable agreement to disagree and live separately and govern ourselves separately.  Pinto mentioned Texas' move to try to secede from the union.  Could it happen that way?  I must say I wish it could.   We could have a massive exchange of properties between individuals until the sections are clearly one or the other.   How about the blues take the east half of the nation and the reds the west half. 

Except I don't want a merely conservative nation.  I'm also sick of "conservatives."  After all the debate and wrangling and political idiocy of the last few decades and the deterioration of the country in the direction of the destruction of everything Christian, I want to live in an unabashedly CHRISTIAN state.  You can't force people to be Christian of course, but you can put Christian laws in place that determine the Christian character of the nation, which is what we SHOULD have had with the Constitution in the first place, and might have had if the big name founders hadn't been antichrists.  Perhaps there shouldn't be a state Church but the state HAS to be Christian, and I mean PROTESTANT Christian.  I'm not even in a mood to allow Catholics into it, but I know there are honest sincere Catholics who would fit in, but I want laws keeping them from having any kind of power in the state, similar to what the original colonies had.  That would be tricky.  Even one Catholic church in the nation would be an abomination it seems to me.  Jesuits will be excluded absolutely. 

Universities will be founded -- or existing ones reinvented -- along the lines of the original Harvard and Yale and others, with a straightforward program of teaching the Christian religion, BIBLICAL Christianity, the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST not some generic liberal form of "Christianity."  So will all the other schools in our Christian nation, as also existed in early America.  GOD's LAW WOULD BE THE LAW OF THE LAND. 

We need cadres of committed Biblical Christians STUDYING HISTORY to bring such a vision about.

I can predict right off that the Christian nation will prosper from hard work, capitalist economics, fiscal responsibility, generally rational and humane policies, and most particularly the righteousness that exalteth a nation, but I wonder what would happen to the secular liberal nation next door.  We might have to arm our borders against them.  Or maybe they'll get smart and take some cues from us.  And of course we'd send missionaries to them.

The problem is I don't like our "Protestant" leaders much either.  Too much worldliness and compromise.  Things do get sticky when you think about the actual realities we'd have to deal with.  Well, we'll pray.  God will send us the leaders we need.

The possibility of any of this coming about is, I must admit, shall we say, remote.  The signs are that we are in the very last days of the planet and things are just going to continue to deteriorate until the Lord returns.  But it's pleasant to wish.