Thursday, August 7, 2014

The True History of Palestine and Israel

UPDATE August 10
So what else is new?  Now we have a report of  "Palestinians" protesting to the UN about Israel's determined defense of itself against the rocket attacks by Hamas.   The usual accusation of unnecessary deaths is brought against Israel.    Given their history of faking injuries and deaths to make Israel look bad, and their history of using their own people as human shields, my guess would be that these people are either deceived, believing the Hamas-produced propaganda, or part of the conspiracy themselves.

But for some reason the news media just love these victim complaints against Israel, love treating Israel as the aggressor when as usual they are in fact on the defensive, responding to the provocation of "Palestinian" attacks on Israel itself, aiming to take out as much of the ability of Hamas to launch such attacks as they can.  And, something that just does not get reported in the mainstream media, when they are about to destroy a target in Gaza, the Israelis make sure the people who are in harm's way are warned so they can escape. If they don't escape, that is Hamas' doing, not Israel's.

The world just won't face the fact that Islam's objective is and always has been to destroy any people or nation that opposes Islam.  Killing Jews and Christians is what their religion tells them to do [listen to Jacob Prasch below].  But we get only the media spin that makes such actions into ethnic struggles or blames the anti-Islamic side of the conflict.

We're in a time when the world just loves lies of all kinds.

Original Post:

Israel again was put in a position of having to respond with force to the provocations of Hamas in sending rockets into Israel from Gaza, by the murder of Israeli teenagers by Hamas. Israel reports that the operation is now over because they located and destroyed the tunnels that had facilitated the attacks on Israel. As usual, Israel has been treated as the Bad Guy in the media, and our leftist-propagandized citizenry has fallen for it as usual. Evil evil Israel, look at these dead Palestinians.*

Nobody hears how before a raid into Gaza the Israelis sent warnings to the people there of their targets, advising them to leave and save themselves from the attack. They even made phone calls into the very buildings they planned to attack, telling the people there in their own language that the place was targeted and to leave to protect themselves. Hamas wouldn't let the people leave. They WANT victims to show the world how evil Israel is. They want to keep up the propaganda so they can continue to prosecute their often-stated goal of driving Israel into the sea, simply obliterating it from the maps of the Middle East altogether. Which their own maps already reflect. There is no Israel on their maps in case you haven't noticed.

Received a link to a video of Jacob Prasch speaking on the subject of the history of the Palestinian people, which answers the usual leftist revisionist blaming of Israel for their plight. I'd never heard of Jacob Prasch but found out he is a Jewish believer in Christ, and what he's saying is an expanded version of what I have known and believed about the Middle East situation for years already, so I'm happy to post the video. Googling him comes up with all kinds of objections to him I'm not going to track down. Nobody escapes controversy in the Christian community these days and I don't need to know what I think about those other issues right now. What he's saying on the video is the truth about the Israel-Palestinian situation that few know about any more and that is why I'm happy to post it here.


*Does anybody remember as I do the video of Palestinian "victims" from some such operation by Israel many years ago now, that shows in an almost humorous way how the Palestinians try to set up Israel as the Bad Guy? This was a shot taken at some distance of a couple of Palestinians carrying a man on a stretcher under a sheet, when they stumble and the stretcher tips, and the man who had been lying on it lands on his feet and then all three start running. Sometimes they fake it, sometimes they let their own people be killed just to get the world to hate Israel.