Monday, June 26, 2017

Cultural Marixsm, the Devil's Sledgehammer against the West

I'm still making an effort to keep up my reemphasis on the Christian life but as always happens I'm again distracted by other concerns.  In this case I'm focused on the undermining of western culture. 

The video below is a really good condensed presentation of what Cultural Marxism is. The opening statement identifies it as the application of Critical Theory, the utterly diabolical thinking of the Frankfurt School who were so influential in the sixties, and makes it clear that it's intrinsic to today's Leftist politics.  

It includes an explanation of why the epithet "Islamophobia" is Marxist, which is often not recognized,  I'm particularly glad to see it includes an expose of the utterly destructive work of Theodor Adorno, a member of the Frankfurt School who is usually not mentioned in this connection, but his attack on the basic principles of western civilization that made the west great, through his "sociological study" titled The Authoritarian Personality, has been very influential, and I believe it should be called satanic.

Political Correctness is the term for the popular tool of intimidation used by the Cultural Marxist Left to enforce this program of destruction of everything good, consisting of the epithets racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and so on, intended to suppress all dissenting views.

I believe the west has come under these influences because we have abandoned Christianity and incurred God's judgment, but that's my view, not the video's.  It's high time we took back our universities and our institutions and threw the bums out, but if God doesn't grant us revival there's a limit to how far we can get with that.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Back to God

Tired of myself, disgusted with myself, wanting to start my Christian life over and put aside everything of this world.  Hoping to keep it up and to chronicle it at my blog Things of the Spirit