Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Glimmer of Hope that the Church can still make a difference in politics?

I just woke up (it's 2 AM) with the glorious thought in my mind that Houston's I Stand Sunday did get God's ear and that's why conservatives did so well on Election Tuesday.  I'm so slow these days, so used to earnest gatherings of Christians not making a difference, those ecumenical gatherings I keep talking about in particular. 

But it's begun to dawn on me that maybe Houston did make a difference.  I've been getting emails from conservative Christian groups that emphasize how big a victory this last election really was, voting in not just a huge number of Republicans but the most conservative Republicans and rejecting the liberals and RINOs.   The call to pledge to vote that was made at I Stand Sunday must have made a big difference.

Can we actually say that the Church stood and God brought the victory?  I'm slow to be sure of it even now but it's a glimmer and I want it to be true and I want it to continue if it's true.  Can we yet be that terrible army with banners that God leads to more and more victories if we hang together?

I'm so used to being disappointed these days it's a strange feeling to have something to cheer about, so used to crying over the terrible shape the country is in it's a strange feeling to cry for joy.  I so want to cheer for this and believe that the Church did do what the Church is supposed to do, and did it despite whatever imperfections we have -- and whatever they are the Lord graciously overlooked them. 

Is even revival possible then? 

I'm scared of being happy because things have been so bad lately but I am happy, and hopeful. Such an odd feeling.