Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pulling Down the False God of Catholicism to Save America

Chris Pinto's latest program Tearing Down the Idols is about how to get America out of the devil's clutches, what the Church needs to do, and the message is of course "repent" and that means starting with the Church, as "Judgment begins at the House of God."

 But what does the Church need to repent of? Where are we to start?  He boils it down to the jmessage "Pull down the idols." This is what Gideon did, and the good Kings of Israel. It's where Reformation has to begin.  And God blessed those who threw out the idols and restored the true worship of the true God. 

 So what idols need pulling down?  I wondered where he would go with that, and he went straight to the ecumenical movement, the acceptance of the false god of Catholicism in the Churches.  THAT's what needs to be pulled down first.  Yes! 

I would argue for reinstating the woman's head covering too of course, that would be tearing down the idol of feminism;  and at least praying about throwing out all of the Bibles that have anything from the Westcott and Hort revision in them. Getting any belief in evolution out of the Church is another biggie; at least churches need to be praying against it. And the false theology of the Charismatic Movement the Strange Fire Conference exposed.

But if we start with throwing out the wolf in sheep's clothing known as Roman Catholicism we'd be on the right track for sure. 

Chris has had a lot of good shows lately and I've been remiss in not giving them the notice they deserve.  Go sign up for his Resource Room.   It's worth it.