Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Plot to bring down Civilization

Here's how I'm getting it from Chris Pinto in a brief outline.  All the trends and influences we Christians and Conservatives decry in modern society can ultimately be traced back through a line of thinkers to certain predictable sources.  Certainly it's all an expression of human fallen nature, the putting of evil for good and good for evil, but apparently it's more than that, not just a random expression of this trend in human nature, but there are actually plots involved, conspiracies, or ultimately one basic plot or conspiracy that has branched out to some extent but is still of the same basic mentality with the same aim.  And although there are many false leads along the track the main source always turns out to be...  Rome.  Specifically, the Jesuits.

He did a radio show recently that stretched me quite a bit with his revelations of facts I'd known nothing about, on (of all things) the story of Frankenstein's monster, Frankenstein and the French Revolution.  Is this common knowledge out there or am I typical in not knowing anything about a connection between this well known horror story and an event in history, The French Revolution?   And not only that particular event, but the philosophical underpinnings of that event that are still shaping the radical movements of our own time?  In a word, Communism and its softer version, Socialism, and all its separate projects for remaking society by its rules.

Sometimes I'm rather overwhelmed with all the information Chris Pinto offers that is brand new to me.  This particular program covers too much to keep in mind.   He sketched out the life of Mary Shelley who wrote "Frankenstein,"  her having been born into a radical family, her father a well known Anarchist, William Godwin, who was in fact denounced by many Brits for his views.   Later, after the death of her husband she began to have second thoughts about some of the radicalism of her friends, specifically decrying the barbarisms of the French Revolution and the philosophies that supported it. 

The monster invented by Dr. Frankenstein in her story is in fact the "new man" the radicals wanted to create, overthrowing all the old traditions in favor of their own conception.  El sueno de la razon produce monstruo --  that's from Ortega y Gasset I think, but that just came to mind because it seems to echo Shelley's point:  the dream of Reason produces monsters.  This dream has produced more monsters than merely the French Revolution, it has also produced the horrors of Communism and other murderous innovations that are destroying the world.

In her book she has Dr. Frankenstein being educated at a Jesuit-run university, the same university where Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati.  Did you know the Illuminati were originally called the Perfectabilists?  That is, they wanted to invent a Perfect world and a Perfect man, the "new man" that Shelley's book shows to be a monster.  Weishaupt's close friend believed Weishaupt was a secret Jesuit.  That would of course fit with Pinto's belief that Jesuits can usually be found behind all the radical plots to destroy civilization.

Well, there's a lot to that radio show that I'm not doing justice, so I can only recommend listening to it.