Monday, August 10, 2009

Outrageous Obama-led destruction of American freedoms over the Health Care Reform

To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. -------Thomas Jefferson

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I gave up thinking about and commenting on politics some time ago, but I want at least to register here my solidarity with the protest against the healthcare proposal coming out of the Obama administration.

Unfortunately, in the mind of this administration it is no longer a Constitutionally protected American right to voice dissent to the government's actions. What they are calling the ordinary people who are protesting is outrageous. They speak of these orderly demonstrations as a "mob." People boo speakers at a political gathering and it is treated as unruly mob behavior. If the LEFT does such things, and they do far worse -- just ask conservative speakers such as David Horowitz -- that's just dissent, but let the Right say a word and it becomes an unruly "mob." They are turning the Constitution on its head, treating this orderly citizen dissent as if it were something criminal.

This has always been the mentality of the Left. We've objected to it for years. Now it has the power to enforce its outrageous anti-Constitutional behavior.

I do have the question whether they are really so delusional that they sincerely do not recognize their own injustice and anti-American attitude, but do regard dissent as criminal behavior, thanks to their blind allegiance to their own partisan politics; or it's calculated, just part of the typical cynical consciously anti-American fascistic program to discredit the opposition. I really do have this question. I can think of some for whom it must be sincerely misbegotten, the product of a leftist-twisted education, others I wonder about.

Since I did say I was staying away from politics I'm not up on this enough to say much more. I've seen the news here and there and checked some conservative sources, but that's about it. I'll try to get some links up to fill in the gaps soon.


Here's What seems like a fair article on the situation:

LEBANON, Pa. - They booed and taunted Sen. Arlen Specter (D., Pa.), calling him a tyrant, as anger at the Democrats' proposed overhaul of the health-care system boiled over yesterday at a pair of town-hall meetings.

"This country is turning into Russia," one man said in a common refrain, standing toe to toe with Specter in a hall at the Harrisburg Area Community College campus here. Chants broke out - "You work for us!" and "Read the bill!" - as the senator tried to answer questions.

Later in the day, Specter faced similar frustrations from skeptical voters in Lewisburg in an auditorium at Bucknell University. In both places, most of the questioners stayed civil but accused President Obama, Specter, and other congressional Democrats of trying to force a government takeover of health care that would violate their constitutional rights as well as the character of the nation.

...Several speakers at both town halls said they resented how Democrats had branded them as "mobs" whipped up by special interests.

And here's a video showing your "angry mob," an American citizen who wanted to speak but was made to leave.

Embedded video from CNN Video
12:49 AM HOW INTERESTING. I used their own code for embedding the video and they seem to have decided to prevent me from displaying it. Do they have no respect for anything or anybody any more? That video was put out there by their own henchmen; it's all over the place by now. Oh but I guess if the KGB wants something to disappear it will disappear.
Have their partisan preoccupations so overtaken their reason that they allow themselves to be the very tyrants the fathers of this nation tried to protect us from? Afraid so, folks. Freedom of the Press, ha! The Press is now merely an instrument of the big fat oppressor Government the founders tried to limit. Oh and they get SO upset if you call them Nazis, after years and years of calling our side Nazi. Can dish it out but can't take it. Ah, but it's worse than that. Their tyrannical Big Brother Agenda is showing.

But finally, conservatives have been pushed far enough to make use of our Constitutional freedoms to some extent, I hope not too late.