Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Glenn Beck not only a Mormon but now promoting New Age religion

The pieces seem to be coming together for the final Antichrist Religion as various channels unite toward one mega-belief system. The Catholic church has been preparing the ground for the incorporation of primitive religions for years as they embrace the pagan practices of the peoples where they dominate -- such as Haiti's voodoo -- and treat Islam as worshipping the same God as Christians. There is also a trend toward refusing to give the gospel based on the false teaching that all religions lead to God, Mother Teresa being a major proponent of that false teaching.

Now New Age beliefs such as promoted by Oprah Winfrey are getting a boost by Glenn Beck, as discussed in this article by Brannon Howse: Glenn Beck's New Book Reveals He Embraces New Age Theology, Is a Knowledgeable Mormon, and a Universalist .

Apparently Mormonism has a lot in common with New Ageism. Here's Brannon Howse on this subject:

In August of 2010, I predicted on my national radio program that it was only a matter of time before Glenn Beck would release a distinctively religious book that would promote his New Age Mormonism and universalism. I sensed that Glenn was setting himself up to be the politically conservative alternative to Oprah.

Many self-professing Christians cannot see what Beck is up to but there are those in the unsaved world that seem to be exhibiting more worldview understanding than some in the Christian community. The Business Insider published an article on January 4, 2011 entitled, Glenn Beck's New Year's Plan Sounds A Lot Like Oprah's New Network.

Last week (second week of January 2011) Beck released his latest book entitled The Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. The book is co-authored by psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow.

Beck's new book is nothing less than the promotion of universalism, postmodernism, and pagan spirituality, also known as the New Age Movement.

The whole article is interesting, and here's another from his site that's equally interesting Glenn Beck and Oprah Winfrey Launch New Age Programming for 2011:
I tried to warn Americans in 2010 that I believe Glenn Beck is guilty of performing a bait and switch on millions of Americans. Beck went from being a TV and radio talk show host that discussed public policy, history, and current news to preaching the same Universalism and New Age theology that Oprah Winfrey has being been preaching for years. In fact, On Saturday, January 1, 2011, Oprah launched her New Age programming for the year with the Oprah Winfrey Network. Oprah drew more than 1 million viewers for its first night on the air.

Glenn Beck has clearly become the Oprah Winfrey of the right and many Christian authors and pastors are eager to appear on his radio and television program despite his heresy because, like Oprah, Beck has taken little known authors and made them a lot of money by promoting their books.

Many Christians continue to defend Beck despite the fact he is becoming more and more blatant in his New Age preaching. I expect Beck will continue to gather around him a huge audience that is looking for a spiritual experience that tickles the ears.
I would never have guessed that there are so many Christians who could fall for this kind of thing. That's at least as disturbing as the fact that the One World Religion is taking shape before our eyes. I hope their fall into deception is temporary.