Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last post on Obama for a while I hope

I have to say that the "finger flipping" incident is for me the final proof that Obama is not what he wants to appear to be. There are two such incidents really, one that's quite clear while he's talking about Hillary earlier in the year, and then another after he won the election and is supposedly congratulating McCain on a well-fought campaign.

Maybe I'm just out of the loop where such things are acceptable so it hits me harder than it should, but it does hit me hard. It seems to me to be the total proof of the man's hypocrisy and to my mind even ruthlessness. It may be, however, that most politicians are of the same cut and I'm just naive. There are videos at You Tube of Bush making the same gesture, but in his case it's in some kind of private context and it's up front and jokey, while in the case of Obama he's doing it surreptitiously in front of a crowd. It's calculated and mean.

It's clear by the audience response that they caught it. There was nothing else to prompt their yells at that moment.

It's even clearer in this video as you see the woman behind him react immediately to his gesture and then the woman next to her leans over and they are both laughing. The video slows down and puts words to the women's conversation.

Then Obama does a similar gesture, a little more surreptitiously and harder to prove, when congratulating McCain on his hard fought run, a perfect act of hypocrisy. Clearly he will say anything at all for the sake of effect without meaning it. It's all smoke and mirrors.

Just seems to me to go with his true thuggish background and to completely belie the idealistic image he's been creating before the crowds.

I would think it would shock his crowds, but apparently it didn't. I guess half of America is ready for a thug of a President who lies to hide his thuggery from those it might shock.

I'm posting this because it did shock me and along with his appointment of Rahm Emanuel casts Obama in his true light, a tarnished messiah. I sort of thought he'd keep up the act more consistently for a year or so, but now it seems that he's gathered confidence from his win and more of the real Obama will surface sooner than I'd guessed. His speech yesterday where he introduced Emanuel is another harbinger of that, as he made a joke about Emanuel's own habit of finger flipping.


But the thing that matters most to me is how a Christian is to respond to all this and I haven't spent enough time thinking that through, let alone praying about it -- although I do pray about it. I think the man is dangerous on the level of Hitler myself. I think very hard times are ahead for this country. What a Christian needs is spiritual strengths that few of us have, and the longer I go on talking about the election the more I'm aware that I lack them. So I hope I can pull back from this topic for a while and seek the Lord for His guidance in these times.